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Formula to reference another cell in a worksheet

Formula to reference another cell in a worksheet

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Column G is filled with numbers which represent Rows in my worksheet. I want Column H to equal the contents of Column A Row ? which is referenced in Column G.
Example: G1 is 1043, I want H1 to be equal to A1043. What formula can I use to fill
column F to do this automatically.

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How can I reference a worksheet tab in a formula, so that it always refers to the previous tab in a workbook, such as a formula in Tab 3 needs info from the same cell in Tab 2 in order to keep track of balances. When I copy and paste the spreadsheets into a new worksheet it keeps the reference that was in the original worksheet.

Cell reference to an autofilterd worksheet problem

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I have a cell reference problem and I'm hoping someone can please help me. On worksheet 1 I have a list of total members that has autofilters so that I can sort by subgroups. Then on worksheet 2 I just want to show to info for a few of the subgroups, so on worksheet 2 I make a cell reference to worksheet 1 for the member I want, but when I change the autofilters on worksheet 1 the information on worksheet 2 is all messed up. Does anyone know how to make the cell reference on my worksheet 2 stay with the member I desire regardless of the filters used on worksheet 1?

Not able to select cell from different worksheet

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I am facing problem while writing formula in Excel 2007. In the formula, I want to use cell reference of another worksheet; but when going to another worksheet and selecting cells. Selected cell reference doesn't reflect on the formula.
Sometime, I have seen that it is working. Is there any way to activate the feature?

How do I use the text content of a cell as a worksheet reference?

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I need to reference the value of a cell in a different worksheet and I want the name of the referenced worksheet to be determined by the text content of another cell. How do I format the worksheet reference to use the contents of the other cell as the worksheet name?
For example, on Worksheet1 cell A1 contains the name of the worksheet I want to reference, which is Worksheet2. The cell I want to reference in Worksheet2 is B2. If I entered the worksheet name directly I would use 'Worksheet2'!B2. But what do I use in place of 'Worksheet2'! that is a reference to the contents of cell A1?

How do you reference another worksheet without using its name

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The standard way to reference a cell on another worksheet within the same file is Sheet2!A1. How can I create a reference that basically says A1 in the next worksheet irregardless of its name (i.e., current worksheet + 1).

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* Allows multiple selection
* Selection animation. Jump and flip animation
* Supports loading jpg, png, external swf, embed bitmap and movieclips.
* Customizable color and texture for the dock panel
* User-friendly component Inspector (UI Reference)
* Full ActionScript API support (Doc Reference)
Besides the user-friendly interface, the components also provide a powerful API which allows developers to extend their creativity. The components include methods and properties for control with ActionScript. For example, you can select a menu item by calling the gotoItem() method. Also, developers can customize the action when a user interacts with the component. By adding an event listener, the developer can assign an action to click, mouse over, mouse out events, etc.

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