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Formula to calculate interest only on a short term loan?

Formula to calculate interest only on a short term loan?

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I am not familiar with Excel 2007 and need to calculate a bridge loan MONTHLY INTEREST ONLY scenario, with a fixed %rate, for a range of 1 -6 months. Not sure if if interest accrues daily or monthly.

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EXCEL 2007 Formula to calculate INTEREST only on a 3 month bridge

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I am trying to calculate monthly INTEREST ONLY payment on a short term bridge/swing loan. Assuming an interest rate of 2.75%, paid monthly, Also assuming it will be required for a 3-6 month period, amount approx $500,00. Just switched to Excel 2007 but don't seem to be able to calculate using the formula builder. Not sure if it is compounded daily or monthly.

interest only loan amortization schedule

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Tags: Excel › Functions

Is there a way make an amortization schedule for an interest only
loan? It would compute the schedule from the loan amount, term of the loan, interest only period, and interest rate.

Calculate Interest Paid w/ Additional Payments to Principle

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I am trying to calculate the interest I would save if I were to pay an additional amount toward the principle of a loan, a certain amount of times a year, starting at a particular month in the loan term. For example,
Loan Amount = $100,00
Interest Rate = 6.375%
Loan Start Date = 12/1/03
Additional Payment = $100
Number of Times Per Year = 12
Add. Payment Start Date = 12/1/08

loan amortizations worksheets

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I know I have pulled up prepared loan amortization functions in excel where
you enter the loan amount interest rate term etc and it will calculate the
payments - I cannot find it now - can someone remind me how to find them

Loan Interest Calculation in Excel

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This might be more of a finance/math question but I'll post it and see what you think. I have never seen a lender issue a loan on a descending interest rate scale. In the attached, you'll see what I propose as a standard calculation and in the middle columns, you'll see what the lender has provided. Since it was a PDF, I had to hard code and then calculate the implied interest rate (Column O). The part that I don't understand is the loan is supposed to carry an interest rate of 9.75% but I can't calculate that - I get a weighted average of 9.23%.
To complicate the issue, there was a credit issued in December 2011 which is why you'll see the cells highlighted in yellow. One would think of this as a prepayment but I suppose the lender wants to maintain the original duration so they have elected to reset the payments.

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AffordaBilly is a simple interest loan calculator, similar to "VeryInteresting" but focused on determining how large a loan the user can afford, given an interest rate and length of the loan in years. Users can choose monthly or bi-weekly payments. The results will show the maximum amount of a loan that the user can afford based on the monthly payment and interest rate. This is a very simple, yet nice educational tool for showing just how much only 1 or 2% interest can make a difference over the course of time. I think it's cool to have students calculate the loan they can afford with a monthly payment, then have them cut that in half and choose "Bi-Weekly". For example, over the course of a 30-year loan at 7% interest, a Bi-Weekly payment of 325 will let you afford about ,000, whereas a Monthly payment of 650 will only let you afford ,000. Take the interest from 7% to 8% over the same term, and you can only afford about ,000. And students wonder why they should care about interest rates and other math stuff? :-) AffordaBilly is a blatant ripoff of the VeryInteresting payment calculator, also available for download from this site.

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It calculates the amount to be paid for a loan for a given principal from 3 % to 25 % at increment of 0.25 %. It also shows the payment amount for all interest rate when principal is increased by a certain value. User can adjust the increment value for principal. So, you can compare 150 types of loans at a time.

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