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formula to average how many units per minute

formula to average how many units per minute

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I'm an trying to enter a formula so I can determine how many production units are completed per minute.
for example:
# of Courses Start Finish Min to Comp

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How do I average data per minute and per 10 minutes?

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I have data per 10 sec (Huge COLUMNS) and would like average it per 1
minute and per 10 minutes afterwards. I found some info about 1 hour data averaging, tried to modify it but have to do averaging per each set of data which is way too long. Is there any way to set this averaging per minute ?
I am not sure I am doing it correctly.

Arrays and Average

Free: Yes
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I am working w/ a table. Lets say 25 rows/3 columns
Col 1 is product name
Col 2 is region name
Col 3 is number of units sold
I would like to get the average number of units for the sum of the products. So if there are 2 products in the US that sold a combined 15 units, the average would be 7.5.
I would like to do this for each region.

formula to convert 15 minute to hourly data

Free: Yes
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I need a formula to convert 15 minute time step data to hourly average (an average of the four 15 minute data points for the hour).
My spreadsheet looks like this: date time in first cell data in second cell
etc. I have about hundreds of rows of this type of data. At times there may be missing data, but the correct time is there, there is just no data in the cell. I would like a third column of data that would have the date/time at the top of the hour and the fourth column to have the hourly average.

multiple IF Formula help, Please

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Can you please help me with figuring out what formula I need for below.
0-85,00 units = $0
85,001 -100,00 units = $2
100,00-150,00 units = $3
if I had 90,00 units in a cell, then my result would be 900-8500 =5,00 x $2
if I had 105,00 units in a cell,then my result should be 100,00 -85,00 =15,00 x $2
if I had 70,00 units in a cell, then my result should be 0.
I need all 3 if statements in my formula in one cell. Is that possible? I think once I get this then I can go onto the next tier of the $3 in the next cell, I hope?!

cost based on number of units where cost changes

Free: Yes
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I am trying write an Excel 2004 formula that will calculate the cost based on a number of units where the cost changes depending upon how many units are involved.
61 and above $58.00
So if we have 30 units, that would be 20 units at $65 per and 10 units at $63 per. the costs for the first 20 units will always be $65 per, the next 20 at $63 per, so on and so forth.
My sumproduct formula comes close but upon testing it gives incorrect info. Can someone help correct my formula or come up with something better?

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