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formula needed to bring values to another sheet

formula needed to bring values to another sheet

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I have a data list which indicates p.o. numbers in one column and the next to it is the product and sku in another column etc. I want a formula that will look for the p.o. number and then bring in the info that is with that p.o. which is the product sku etc. for example if one p.o. has 5 items then that p.o. is typed repeated 5 times so I need the formula to bring back those 5 items on a new sheet.

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formula needed

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I hope I can explain this well enough. I am using two worksheets.
Worksheet 1 is an imported file, worksheet 2 is where all my calculations are getting done. Sheet 1 column A and column C are the only two columns I need to look at. Sheet 2 has the values of what I am looking for in sheet 1. All data is also alpha characters. No numbers.
I need a formula to:
find the value from sheet 2. The value will be repeated several times on sheet 1. When finding value, count cell in column A as long as long as it is not blank.

lookup to bring back multiple values

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have a sheet with various names in column A with attributes in col B, the names can occur more than once. a normal vlookup will only bring back the first value in col B which I know. but I want to bring back all the different result in column b for a name which occurs more than once.
I know this involves Arrays, but the eg I've seen is set up in a way where the name you are looking is on the first line, and amending it does not really work for me.
Does anyone have any suggestion or a better example of how to do this?
hope I've made this clear!

Simple SUMPRODUCT Help (I think)

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have a spreadsheet that has values on one sheet and then a summary sheet on another. Attached is the workbook. Lookup contains the values I need to look up and summarise on Summary.
On summary for each date I need to look at Lookup and bring back the name e.g. TEST1, TEST2, etc and also the data in the first 3 columns for each TEST, should it exist.
In the Summary sheet in the attached I have manual entered how the formula should bring back the data from Lookup. Assume that there will never be two values occurring on the same day for different TEST's.

Help needed for total formula

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have attach my eel file, which I need a formula to count the total from sheet 1 till sheet 8 for value 1 till value 12 and show the total value in the sheet payment under table total value.
for weekdays it should shows the total value for each values
for Saturday only should show the total of the value 1 only count for Saturday the rest remain same
for Sunday it should be value 1, value 3, value 4, value 10, value 11 n value 12 only for Sunday. the rest remain same.
this workbook will contain sheets follow by months. I deleted few sheets for now.

Formula needed

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have created an excel sheet and I need to count multiple different things. I can provide the sheet if needed to better explain what I am looking for. But it is for inventory management and I need to know what Ship in place number is at which of our buildings. This is all in multiple fields.

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