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formula getting first two numbers in another cell

formula getting first two numbers in another cell

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in finding the right formula getting only the first two numbers of a date.
Cell a1
Cell a2
Cell a1
Cell a2
I need a formula in cell a2 that only gets first two numbers of another cell.

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Counting Numbers Formula

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a newbie here but I wonder if anyone could help me please.
I would like a formula that will be able to count in between odd/even numbers...
So for example:
The numbers in between 1-9 odd, (including both 1 and 9) is 5 so in Excel I would like to put in Cell A1 the number 1 and then in Cell A2 the number 9 and the formula in Cell A3 would automatically give the number 5.
Hope this all makes sense and any help would be HIGHLY appreciated!

Numbers condition

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I want are numbers automatically in yellow cell if was a value in red cell below it not equal zero
and the numbers be sequential and start with numbers from (1-50) and if was there empty cell for example (E4) not numbers (E2)
and numbers the followed cell (G4) if (G4) was contained a value
if the numbers reach to (50) then restart the numbers from number (1- 50)
for more explanation , there are attached below

formula for automatic up on numbers in cell in exel

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Want to advance numbers automatically for invoice numbers. Needs to be for single cell in Excel. Need formula.

two arrays correction

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the freest one fell apart when it sent. I am trying again.
In col A through F there are numbers about 150 rows down.
In G1 through L1 there are numbers and these will change from time to time.
G2 through L2 and down I want a formula that will find the numbers that
are in A through F and put YES in the corresponding cell under G to L.
So any cell in A:F that has one of the numbers in G:L the formula will
put yes in the corresponding cell under G:L if the numbers is in G1:L1.
32 21 5 23 50 Yes 9 43 21 18 22 Yes 2 34 1 54 8 Yes Yes

Delete Other Numbers Except Cell Numbers

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I am new to use MS Office Excel 2010. I have 10 Lac Numbers but all numbers are mixed with each other like fax or land line numbers but I need only cell numbers except other numbers how can I do it.
cell numbers starts from "03". Like: "0300-1234567" but some cells have data like this (042-1234567 0300-1234567) How can I separate it.
All numbers are paste in A Column. How can I do it.

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This display allows you to show any number with style. It is easily and fully customizable:
change dimensions.
choose how many numbers visualize.
change the background color of the numbers.
change the numbers color.
change the distance between numbers.

Key Generator

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The KeyGenerator is a .NET component for .NET applications that allows to developers generate random values using the combination of numbers, letters, characters and custom values.
Principal features:
- Get random values using Numbers, Letters, Numbers & Letters, Numbers-Letters-Characters or custom values defined by you
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The Counter Preloader is a simple, percentage-based preloader that displays the loading progress of your SWF in text. As the loading progresses, the numbers in the counter increment with a blur effect. The numbers are given a glow and set upon a lighted surface. The entire setup is placed slightly off the center of the stage, and adjusts itself automatically to stage resizing and fullscreen events.

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Block Text with pixel cubes creating letters and numbers. Capital letters, numeric digits plus extra exclamation mark. Easy to use and customize with component parameters. Among them:
- 2 types of numbers, see below;
- Delay between letters;
- Spacing between letters;
- Speed/ duration of blocks movements;
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