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Formula for Calculating (Accrual) Vacation Time

Formula for Calculating (Accrual) Vacation Time

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I need to develop a tracking spreadsheet (for 12 employees) that will calculate accruing vacation time (on one worksheet) based on the following parameters:
Employees who have worked less than 3 years with the company:
- 2.91 hours biweekly
Employees who have worked more than 3 years but less than 8 years with the company:
- 4.38 hours biweekly
15 years and over with the company:
- 6.41 hours biweekly
In addition I need to be able to deduct vacation time used. Does anyone have any suggestions for layout or for a formula that can do part of these functions? I

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Need help for vacation accrual

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I am hoping someone could be of assistance. Does anyone know how to create a maximum amount in the sum from a formula. I am creating a vacation accrual spreadsheet where the number of hours worked dictate the amount accrued, but the problem I am running into is that some employees work a lot of overtime and with the formula I am using to sum up the total for each year ( =40/2080* # of hours) some of the employees worked over 2080 hours, so they are accruing more than one week (40 hours)
YEAR Hours Worked Vacation Hours Accrued Vacation Taken Vacation Paid ACCRUED

IF and Then Formula Help Needed Please

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I need some assistance. Here's what I'm trying to do:
I have a column with years of service for all our employees, say it's column D. Column E needs to say what their accrual rate for vacation time is depending on their length of service. So if the years of service is less than 3, accrual is 4.62. If it's between 3 and 7 years, accrual rate is 5.54. If it's between 7 and 14 years, accrual rate is 6.46. If years of service are greater then 14, accrual rate is 7.39.
Here's what I have, but it's not working:
IF(D3<3,4.62),IF(3.1<D3<7,5.54),IF(7.1<D3<14,6.46) ,IF(14.1<D3,7.39)

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I am setting a up bit of a complicated spreadsheet to coincide with our vacation and sick policy.
For instance a staffer accrues 3.5 hours per pay period, however I need a formula to calculate those 3.5 hours per pay period but not to exceed 210 hours.
Also for vacation accrual, staffers are only allowed to carry over 70 hours of vacation per year, is there a formula to automatically deduct access hours to bring the amount of vacation hours back to 70 hours?

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I am trying to set up a spreadsheet to track PTO. I have attached my spreadsheet. first tab is the accrual rate and the second tab is accumulated time off. I have a second spreadsheet that I will connect as a pivot table to give me actual. I am looking for a formula to help me with the accumulated based on accrual rate.

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I need to create a payroll spreadsheet to calculate time off and verify accrual.
Our employees work 8 hours a day and accrue 1.54 hour sick and 3.08 vacation each pay period.
If I put in the current totals for sick and vacation how do I calculate to compute time taken for ea pay period. Oh what would my formula be?

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