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formula for adding / subtracting two columns .

formula for adding / subtracting two columns .

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Can't find formula to add or subtract two or three entire columns in a spread

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Trying to create a formula for adding and subtracting columns.

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have a class that keeps a balance of "money" they earn in school.
Each week we add the total then at the end of the month they subtract thing s they bought. So I would need a formula that adds the total for four rows and then subtracts in the fifth row to give me a final total.
I am new to excel and am hoping I will be able to do it without too much trouble. I am usually a pretty quick learner.

Adding and Subtracting negative and positive numbers

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Having an issue when taking a negative number and misusing a positive number. I assume there is a formula. I have attached a copy of the form. Example. Cas, had a total for the month -$642.55, last week, she was in the positive by 195. the total should be
(-$642.55) - $195 =( -$447.55). Instead it is adding the two (even thought $195 is a positive number) and totaling to (-$837.55). Need a formula so that when starting with a negative number and subtracting a positive number returns a lower negative number. (as shown in illustration)
In the illustration, I manually inputed the number. Would love a formula to handle this for me!

Subtracting along columns.

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

The scenario is I would like to be subtracting what is in cell say [a1] with what is in cell [b1] and whatever I get the answer to be in cell [c1]. That is not the issue really. Lets assume the range changes such that the following day I add another column that now is cell [c1] so the formula that was then in cell [c1] moves to cell [d1]. The issue now is I would like to have a formula that will in the first day less [a1] with [b1],in the second day it will less [b1] with [c1] etc automatically.
Don't know whether such a problem has been posted before so kindly direct me to that link. Have also attached a sample of what I would like helped out on.

Adding/Subtracting Cell Addresses

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I calculated a cell address using
, which in this case returns $C$2.
From here I wish to add a sum of 15 to get a result of $C$17.
As a follow-up, once I achieve this I am looking to fill cells $C$2 to $C$17 with a value -- but am in need of adding the cell addresses first.

Issues with formula when adding/subtracting rows

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am using a spreadsheet with the following formula:
=(SUMPRODUCT(LOOKUP(ROW(INDIRECT($B$3&":"&EOMONTH($B$3,0))+6,'[Weekly Report CJNH.xlsx]CJNH 2011'!$4:$4,'[Weekly Report CJNH.xlsx]CJNH 2011'!107:107))/7)
It works brilliantly, except for one issue: If I need to insert or remove a row in the CJNH 2011 spreadsheet, which I often have to do, the formula does not change. Is there a way (perhaps using match) to alert the formula so that the formulas reflect changes made to rows?

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Veqa Image Resizer

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Veqa Image Resizer is a PHP tool to resize Web images on the fly. Features 82 size presets, width/height dimensions, constrain proportions, pixels, percentage, inches, centimeters, millimeters, points, picas, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, randomizing, limiting, and multiple resizing. Supports JPG, GIF (and animations), PNG, BMP; and GD, ImageMagick, MagickWand. Also provides interface, login protection, caching, cache gallery, file saving, class functions, reformatting, user documentation, and more. Resize all your images and resize your time by getting it all on the dynamic fly.
Get resized images on the fly, save files on Web server, and class functions to use in your own scripts. Supports JPG, GIF (and animations), PNG, and BMP image formats. Supports GD, ImageMagick, and ImageMagick MagickWand for PHP. Provides an interface for easier use, which also comes with login protection. Cache images for on-the-fly along with its very own cache gallery.

Beyond Template

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Web Layouts

Beyond template is a xml driven template not only data for pages, but also it is absolutely possible to design the layout for pages, you may use up to 10 modules in any page, further each modules will have its own customizing options.
The idea is to create variety of pages by removing/adding modules, resizing modules, aligning modules and reusing modules for different usages by just editing xml.
New Layouts Feature
I have included a new way of adding or removing above modules from any page via xml using row and column tags. Each column will be a module with its own width and height and other properties. It is also possible to have as many columns and rows.
Each column(module) is associated with source.xml where the details for the module are furnished. I have included the help file explaining everything in detail.

InLineLinker : Adding links by keywords

Free: No
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InLineLinker is a windows program. It allows you to input a range of keywords with an individual link for each one. It will then automatically add that link into the text of the document where it finds that keyword.
This program will save you hours of time cross linking your documents on your website.

DOM Image Rollver

Free: Yes

Image rollovers represent the classic and "timeless" JavaScript effect. Well, this DOM script makes the process of adding them as simple as can be, by allowing you to apply a rollover to any image through just the insertion of a class attribute inside the image's tag.

Video Chat Site - PHP CMS

Free: No
Tags: PHP › Excel Chat Systems Video

- Nominated for Software Company of the Year, the XBiz Awards, 2011!
- Developed and tested over an entire year, and released in 2010, VCMS combines the latest programming languages (including ActionScript 3) and the interactive media industry's top features in a simple UI and CMS. VCMS functions across all browsers and operating systems, including Mac!
- VCMS allows your performers, studios, and administration unsurpassed functionality while offering your guests and members an amazing array of free and paid services. Tailor VCMS to your exact requirement by adding or subtracting our add-ons.
- VCMS is very easy to use! Charge what you want, display the content that you require, and develop the exact service that you ultimately want!
- No commission payments required! Choose from extensive licensing and rental options, suited to any budget. You manage, and benefit from, your platform and content, only!
- Enjoy the ONLY advanced-language COMPLETE SOURCE license in the industry! You control every part of your program (including all Flash source files) and can continue to develop it on your own schedule!
- Receive responsive support via email on a yearly subscription or hourly basis.

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