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Formatting 0 values to show blank cells

Formatting 0 values to show blank cells

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I am using the =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(.)),0,VLOOKUP(.)) to return a zero value.
For printing purposes I need the 0 to not show in the cell (blank cell). I
can do this by using the accounting format, but a dash (-) still shows in the cell. The sheet is protected to protect the formula. How can I protect AND not show anything in the cell WHILE keeping the value at "0"?

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Another Conditional Format Question

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I've formatted a number of cells so that their contents "go blank" if the cell value is zero, but display with their values otherwise. The "blank is accomplished by setting the font color to "white".
Now is there either a conditional formatting or macro trick which would enable me to only apply globally the conditional formatting when I want it?
In other words, the cells would normally show zero values, but could be globally turned "blank" at my command.

IF function to return values for cells with blank or - in them

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I have cells with either a blank or - in them. The only option for that cell is to have a blank or - in it. I want to write an if statement that will return a value of true and for which I can use conditional formatting to turn the cell a particular color depending on whether it is blank or has a -

Blank Cells vs. Zero Values

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Column AZ contains cells that are either zero or are blank (meaning no value has been entered in the cell). The formula below is referencing the blank cells as zeros. But I only want it to reference the cells that have zero in them. How do I modify the formula so it ignores the blank cells?
{SUM(IF(Chart1!$AZ$2:$AZ$100=0,Chart1!$F$2:$F$10 00),)}

PivotTable formatting issue: trying to remove (blank) cells

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I'm working with MS Excel 2003 and MS Access 2003.
I've got one database (db.mdb) and one excel file (consult.xls).
In consult.xls, I've got an external data range, importing data from db.mdb. I've built a pivot table (in another worksheet) built on this external data range. It's working fine except from some formatting issue.
The pivot table cells referring to NULL fields are displayed with the word "(blank)". I'd like these cells empty, that's to say, without "(blank)" or anything.
I've tried to:
-right click on my pivot table, select table options
-check "for empty cells, show:" checkbox
-erase all character in the "for empty cells, show:" input box.
-refresh the pivot table.
All this without any visible result. The "(blank)" fields remain.
Any idea to remove those "(blank)"?

sumif returns blank if all cells blank

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have rows in which columns b-f may be blank or have numerical
values in them, and in column e of the same row I need to be able to sum these numbers if there are any, but remain blank if ALL of columns b-f are
{=IF(ISBLANK(B2:F2),"",SUM(B2:F2))} in cell e2
is that it returns "" if ANY of the cells in b2:f2 are blank. In other words, I need a formula in e2 that sums b2:f2 if any of those cells are not blank, but returns blank if all cells in b2:f2 are blank. If all cells in b2:f2 contain zeros, then e2 should contain a zero, but if all cells in b2:f2 are blank, e2 should be blank.

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New and improved code XML Banner Rotator

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This is a XML banner rotator with New and improved code which is now fully driven with XML and HTML. Easily display your Images, banners or other advertisements.
1. This banner doesn't start the timer for autoplay till all images are loaded in the banner. So no waiting time for next images.This banner load first image in the stage and stops. In background the banner loads all images and when its complete, the timer starts the autoplay option.
2. You can Define the XML path, Timer value and Dimension of Gallery from HTML also. You will not need to do any thing from .fla file.
3. If you want to Show/hide the Number Buttons from the Gallery, This can be done from HTML only. See the Help image.
Other Features:
1. You can add as many of images(Maximum upto width of the banner, Because no body add more than 15-20 images and this banner is best viewable with 15-20 images).
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2. Supports jpg,png and swf also.
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6. This banner also have play pause option which means it have autoplay option.

Advanced Datagrid component

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Multi-line editing, with Word Wrapping. This is probably the most sought-after feature of the Flash datagrid, and which is sorely missing from Macromedia's Datagrid distribution.
Merge headers, change the background color of any given header, and apply HTML formatting to the cell header text, like italic and bold.
Format all data in a given column. For example, apply $ and ".00" formatting to price values in a column. When clicked, the "true" value of the cell is displayed.
Add powerful stylesheet support via external CSS files. This allows even more flexibility to the cell formatting than can be used with the limited HTML support that comes built-in to the datagrid.
The DataGrid Extensions download comes with Flash 6 AND Flash 7 versions. Some features, like CSS support, are only available in the Flash 7 version.
Add powerful event handling to any cell. For example, when clicked, the cell data can be passed to an Actionscript function of your choice.
An advanced API is included for your reference (for Flash 7 extensions). The Flash 6 version comes with a text file that lists all available functions.
Add horizontal scrolling to your datagrid.
Convenient MXP installer is provided (for Flash 7 version only), as well as .fla examples.
100% of the Flash source code is included (Actionscript source files). Thus, if you need to do something which isn't built-in to the datagrid extensions, you may be able to add it yourself, provided that you have a strong knowledge of Actionscript.
Add HTML to any cell by setting the "htmlDrawing" property.

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A collection of images can be viewed in any ordered sequence using manual/auto slide show script.
- You can switch to any slide using the manual slider options provided.
- You can also set the size and duration of the image show.
- It supports JPEG, TIFF, BMP and PNG formats.
- Try the manual slide show given below.

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