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Finding Nearest and Furthest Date

Finding Nearest and Furthest Date

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My data table is like so. My date format is YY/M
Today 7-Aug
Stock Date
SPY 7-Oct
SPY 7-Dec
SPY 10-Dec
OIH 9-Jan
Trying to create this table. Basically I am trying to find the date in the data table that is the closest and furthest away from today's date.
DateMax DateMin
SPY 10-Dec 7-Oct

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Sometimes I need to calculate different coefficients and ratios for the specified period (only weekdays).
To do this, I usually enter manually starting and ending date in the cells. But due to the fact that I have only weekdays I periodically get an error #N/A, because there is no such date in my sample (for example it was a day off and I skipped it).
I wonder, if there is a way in Excel to give a hint what is the nearest day to that I entered manually so I don't have to scroll down my sample to find it visually.
Please, take a look at the attached file.

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A1: 100
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So D1 would equal 200.

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I'm sure there is an easy way of doing this .
I have a list of data values that I want to rank in terms of the
nearest/furthest away from zero. Some of the values are positive and some are negative.
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I have printer toner usage sheet that has dates in a column I want it to reference the furthest one down to complete its job. I've attached an example excel file of what I've to to make it work but its dirty and doesn't work properly if the value changes to 100%, if I change the cartridge. For the most part what I have works but its terrible and difficult to alter.
What I'm trying to get it to do is find the average Page Per Day printer from the top value OR if column C has a cell with 100%. Additionally, I need it to references the furthest cell down that isn't 0 or nothing to find out which date to use to figure replace by date and the toner empty date. I'm hoping for a more elegant solution that I'm currently using that is accurate even if the toner level goes up.

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I have dates in a column in this format :
I'm trying to set the conditional formatting so that the nearest date to today is in bold.

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