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Finding duplicate addresses

Finding duplicate addresses

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Column A Has client codes
Column B Has client names
Column C Has client addresses
The same address may be used for multiple client codes. I am only looking for duplicate addresses. What I would like to end up with in my report is only the lines that have addresses that are listed more than once. If an address is only listed once , I do not want it to show on my report.

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finding duplicate addresses across 2 worksheets in the same workbo

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I have 2 spreadsheets within the same workbook that contains duplicate addresses. I need a macro or a formula to compare all of the addresses in a column with other addresses within that same column and the same column in the other worksheet to pull out duplicates over both worksheets.

Easily finding duplicate files

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Some days ago I was asked by my mother if there was an easy way to find duplicate photos on her computer. I thought about it and I came up with the idea that the easiest way to do this is to just compare if some hash matches between the files (which works fine as long the images are not modified). Then came the implementation and I thought since I know PHP best for this job, why not use it. Now I know that PHP hasnt much of a reputation as a command line scripting language, but bear with me .

How do I flag duplicate addresses

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I would like to "de-dupe" duplicate address in my spreadsheet. Any tips?

Finding duplicate records

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This is my first post of 2009, it may be a bit late but happy new year to you all.
I'm wondering if there is a solution to this problem:
I am dealing with at least 100k records in excel at a time (3 columns of 100k each, website, email address and unique if) what I need to do is 'reduplicate' the email address field without using in built excel conditional formating or by simply hitting remove dupes. This is mainly because conditional formatting would put a massive load on my computer and removing dupes just removes them, I want to know what is being taken out.
So in short I'm after a bit of special formula that will display duplicate records (email addresses) in the D column.

Finding duplicate cells within a worksheet automatically

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I have a several column worksheet. There may be several cells within those columns that have duplicate data. How do I set up some kind of formula to find all duplicate cells?

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Anti-spam harvesting email displayer

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This is a powerful anti-spam script that lets you display email addresses on your site without spam harvesters being able to pick up on them. It is unique in the following ways:
- Enter email addresses into the script using the simple format "chris[at]whatever[dot]com". The script will dynamically replace [at] and [dot] at run time for anti spam purposes.
- Easily display email addresses in 2 different modes: 1) A drop down menu 2) Plain text and email link.
- Display a list of email addresses, or just one from the list.
- Pass in an optional CSS classname to easily style the email addresses.

Mail under pseudonym

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It is a free spam protected mail service. Only a human, not a robot, is able to send you a mail and your e-mail address remain unknown for senders. They know only pseudonyms of e-mail addresses called mt-addresses. After you have chosen a mt-address, you can publish it, even on web, without a thought on spam. Mail is created through the site web form and directed to your ordinary e-mail address. There is a possibility to add your ad, description into The Adaptive Directory and to search it by up to 12 keywords. At any moment you can: add new mt-addresses having one login and password; change, delete mt-addresses; change the ad, description for public; hide or open the ad, description for public; on/off search with keywords; stop getting mail for a certain address; allow or disallow getting mail without e-mail addresses.

Email Extractor

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Extract email addresses from any text with this free utility. Simply copy, paste and start extracting.
7 Amazing Features:
- Extract emails without repeating the same email.
- Display total extracted emails.
- Select different separator for each email (or enter your own).
- Group emails by number specified by you. Each group is separated by new line.
- Option to sort emails alphabetically.
- Option to extract or exclude email containing only certain string.
- Option to extract web addresses instead of email addresses.

CD Duplicate Master

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CD Duplicate Master, a powerful CD duplicate utility, is designed to fit for CD duplicate fan's need. It can enables you to extract digital audio tracks from an audio CD into sound files on your hard disk; burn audio CD, data CD to blank CD disc, and data files to the ISO image file; copy all kinds of CD disc; and erase a rewritable CD-ROM content. It still can grab audio tracks from a CD and save them to your hard drive in various audio formats, like MP3, WMA, OGG and other, and create custom audio CD from MP3, WAV, OGG and WMA files. It is the best choice to backup CD disc!

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Email Verifier is a powerful email validation application to verify your contacts and keep your mailing lists clean. This utility cleans up your mailing lists, Windows Address Book, Microsoft Outlook Contacts, and external databases.
Email Verifier checks all email addresses from a mailing list, text file, Exel, selected database, and removes all invalid email addresses.
It is important to keep your mailing lists clean. List hygiene will help you avoid sending out newsletters to invalid addresses. Otherwise you'll get tons of bounced messages. It's not a secret that ISP mail servers block a sender's IP for recurring sending to invalid email addresses.

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