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Find minimum value in column.

Find minimum value in column.

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I wish to create a formula for cell AL12 to determine the minimum value found in column F with the index of the current row and proceeding down the column the number of rows of the number in cell AK12(74). Thus looking for the minimum value in f12:f88.

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Minimum IF

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

I have a column of values, from which I need to find the minimum. However I only want it to refer to those which have a specif value in the adjacent column. i.e.
Minimum for "B=1" 1
Minimum for "B=2" 5
Minimum for "B=3" 4

minimum value in a column, which row no?

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Min (range) I can find the minimum value of a column of data. But how can I find which Row number it belongs?

How to Find Minimum Can Produce?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I need a clarification in the attached file, Please help me...
One particular product "AA" I have the demand of 100#.
In column A - Item details updated, column B - Particular item how many per getting used is been updated, Column C - Item level essential to fulfill product requirement is updated & Column E - Current Inventory is been updated.
Now, I would like know with the available inventory, what is the bare minimum of Product - AA I will be able to execute (This output I need in CELL "E15")?
Thanks &

Finding the minimum value

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I'm trying to find the minimum value in a column of numbers for each case where the "counts" are identical. Spreadsheet attached to help explain.
I've been trying the following formula but I'm not getting the minimum.
what should I be doing?

Picking more than one minimum value from a column

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I have 45 columns, each of which have 45 individual cells/items. From each column I need to pick the 5 minimum values to export to another sheet.

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Powerful Hint Menu

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- smooth animated ; high visual impact hint
- colors and aspect easy to change in library
- buttons and actions defined in an array variable , very easy to configure
- horizontal and vertical , both in the same self-contained movie clip
- auto minimum width or forced minimum width
- simple drag-and-drop and/or advanced parametric multi menu manipulation possible , as shown in the preview
- can perform both getURL and gotoAndPlay in any movieClip in the scene
- clean code , small size ( < 2kb menu , < 9kb whole preview )
- detailed help file , as usual

TypoTracker - Find the cheapest eBay listings instantly!

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With TypoTracker, you can quickly and easily find misspelled ebay auctions. This results in huge discounts, as no one else can find them!
Many eBay auctions contain typing errors in their titles. For example, 'computer' may be misspelled 'coputer'. This means that when someone searches for 'computer', the misspelled 'coputer' is not shown. Thus no bids are placed on the 'coputer' auction.
TypoTracker generates common misspellings of the keyword you enter in the form above. This allows you to find the elusive 'coputer' listing... Since no one else can find it and bid on it, you bag yourself a bargain!

MediaGallery - XML Full Screen Slideshow

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This media gallery system is almost completely XML driven and very customizable. You can control the font, size and color of all text, as well as the background which can include multiple layers. You also have the ability to set certain options, like the minimum and maximum delay for the slideshow, whether or not to display descriptions, the size of the thumbnails, thumbnail border sizes and colors, display shadows or not, and even a canvas margin.
The slideshow has a slider for the user to control the delay between items. You just set the minimum and maximum delay time in the XML settings.
The background system allows you to have solid colors, tiled images and large images that can stretch proportionately or not. You can have as many background layers as you want.
The look and feel of the gallery is controlled by a skin object that you pass to the class. You can change everything from the backgrounds of the control panels, to the icons for the slideshow and video player, and even the video icon overlay for thumbnails that are video items.
You can have unlimited albums, and unlimited items in each album. When there are too many albums to fit in the album panel, the list will scroll horizontally based on your mouse position. Same goes for items, if there are too many to fit on the screen, they will scroll vertically based on your mouse position. This is done with my SmoothScroller class.

Micro drops

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Cool animated microscopic world with chaotic motion of drops. Flash 8 Flash File or higher. Very easy to resize, to rescale, to change number of drops, to change number and position of drop groups, to change minimum and maximum size of a drop, to change background color.


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This is a shop script which don't use mySQL for DB, is using flat file .txt. Authentification module is available. If you are planning to build one small shop online, now you have the chance, this script will be perfect for you. You can add, edit or delete easily your products in the shop. To install this php shop, you need a minimum knowledge of php programming.

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