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Find a number combination in a group of cells

Find a number combination in a group of cells

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I'm looking for another excel game changer (for the work I do anyway).
I have a dollar amount, and I want to know if any combination of dollar amounts in a particular range of cells will equal that dollar amount. Is this possible in Excel?
Example: I have 20 different dollar amounts in a column. I want to know what combination of those 20 different dollar amounts, if any, will equal $257.97. The dollar amount I'm looking for and the numbers in the range will change with each use. I'm hoping for a formula, but VBA will work too as I could just make a template and copy / paste the numbers in.
I've come to learn to never doubt excel, but I have to admit that I'm having doubts on this one.

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find combination of cells that equal a sum

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A friend of mine asked me this question and I have no idea how to do this
Would there by chance be a function in Excel where you can choose a range of cells with an amount in each cell and see if any combination of those cells added up to a certain dollar amount? Say, I have a range of data that adds up to $1,536,211.26, but I'm trying to see if any of the cells in that range add up to $12,455.98.

Replace one number in a sequence in a group of cells

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I have a group of cells that start with 2 (201, 202, 203 etc.) and I need to replace that with a 3 (301, 302, 303, etc). Is there a way in "find/replace" to do this.? I don't know "macros" at all and formulas seem more complex then just changing the first number in a sequence. Anyone know an easy way?

How do i zero pad when using combination of text and numbers?

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I have a column of numbers.i want a combination of text and the column of numbers in another column.Text being constant as "Group" Required: group xx where xx is the column of numbers so for the combination, I type ="group"&LEFT(E5,2)
E being the column 5 being the row.
But I donut get the single digits zero padded.
for ex: I have 00,01,02, the column of numbers and I get group1,group2,group3 as result by apply above formula.
how do I get the zero padding?

Return result based of column name

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I will use an example to describe my problem:
Example: 4 different groups (A,B,C,D). The groups are placed in raw 1. The order of the groups are unknown (I don't know in which column each group is placed). Each group has more than 1 number attracted to it.
1A = Group A. 1B = Group B. 1C = Group C. 1d = Group D. 1E = Group D. 1F = Group B. 1G = Group a. 1H = Group C.
Cells 2A:2H are filled with unknown numbers that I need to find.
In cell 3A I have the formula: Hlookup("Group A,1A:2D,2,0).
Is there anyway I can the following formula in cell 3B: Hlookup (Group A, 1E:2H,2,0).

count number of rows with 2 matching text cells

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I have a data sheet with data listing users and a product group. I need to count the number of occurrences where the user and group match. so on the second sheet I need to fill cells with the count of "IF !A:A = "X" and !B:B = "Y"". I have been trying countif and sumproduct with no luck. I can get the sum of both individual matches but not when the combination matches.

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