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Extrapolation formula?

Extrapolation formula?

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I desperately need help urgently with this one.
I have a list of values (Column A) with a corresponding reference value (Column B).
In E1 the user enters any value. E2 is then to calculate the extrapolated corresponding value from column B.
for example.
User enters 0.6 in E1.
E2 is supposed to work out a reference value based on what is available in columns A & B.
So the nearest values is 0.5 and 1. with corresponding reference values of .08 and 0.1
E2 therefore needs to be a value somewhere between .08 and 0.1
how is that calculated? the majority of it is linear but not all of it.

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Extrapolation of non linear data

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I think I can reach my goal but with many complicated steps - all probably summarised in a simple function !
I have two columns of data :
Soundings, Mass :
the iterations of my known column of data, (the soundings), is first 0.7 and thereafter 0.3.
I need to examine the data to increments of 0.1, and hence spread it out over far more iterations.
Any good ways of doing this that you know of ?

Extrapolation of a point on a graph/chart.

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I have constructed a graph which consists of plots joined by a line (basic line graph). How do I find the value of a point on that graph (if x = 0.37 then y = ?) other than printing the graph off and manually drawing the lines

vlookup & Extrapolation

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I have the following columns
Va2 177
V3 216.37
V3/rootT3 11.984
Q3 ?
V3/rootT3=11.984 which is not in the table
I need to retrieve the Q3 from a long table looks as following
V / Root.T Q
As you can see 11.984 dose not exists
I need to extrapolate between any tow columns in V / Root.T and return the answer Q to Q3 cell

extrapolation curves on excel

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I have a set of points on a graph(positive slope). It stops and the next point jumps up by 14 y-axis values. From there the new line starts with a positive slope. I need to create a vertical line starting at the last point before the points jump on the x-axis. This line will allow me to connect the two separate slopes.

Extrapolation of x value from the trendline of a non-linear graph

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I was wondering if it is possible to extrapolate the x value from a given y value on a scatter plot graph?
I would like to extrapolate the value from the trendline produced using the 'moving average' trendline. The trendline is sigmoid shaped This trendline doesn't let me produce an equation so I can't figure out the x value that way If I can't find the x value of the trendline, even the line formed by the data points would be good

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