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Extract Month and year from Cell containing date, month, year & time

Extract Month and year from Cell containing date, month, year & time

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How do I extract month and year to a single cell from a cell that contains dd/mm/yy hh:mm:ss?
By way of example:
Cell A2 contains, 4/01/2011 11:25:30 AM
Cell B2 to contain, Jan 2011
(However, it is not to carry over any of the non required data from cell A1. That is, I don't want day or time)
Outcome is a Pivot Table that tracks order fulfillment - Orders submitted in a month and completions for the month and months that follow.

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Using Month & Year Function Together

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I have an extract from a database that lists the dates we have sold products. I want to chart the product sales by month and year. eg. convert 22 Jan 2009 to 1.2009. Is this possible using the Year and Month function together, I can get them to work separately but can't get the syntax right to get them to work together.
I am trying various derivations of:
Help fixing this will make my life so much easier!

Date/Time Function in Excel (Day/Month/Year & time)

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I need assistance, please (anyone!).
I have a spreadsheet where I have run a query and pulled an export to Excel. The report is very simple (below). Basically, I am trying to convert the second column from Day/Month/Year to Month/Day/YEAR with the allocated time listed. If I go and paste this information into excel (since it is an export) there are constraints in the cell that do not allow me to do the general format options and change the column into the correct format. Nothing works.
Created Updated Resolved

working around blank value in IF statements

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I have the below formula to calculate benefit increases depending on various plan dates. It's working perfectly for what I need except that in some instances there will be no value in cell B3 (a date). I need to figure out how to rework things so that if B3 is blank the calculations in my IF statements will still occur and I'm in over my head. Any assistance is
=IF(AND($B$3>$N$1,$B$1>$N$1,$B$4>$N$2),$B$5*(($M$2/12)*((YEAR($B$2)-YEAR($L$2))*12+MONTH($B$2)-MONTH($L$2)+1)+1),IF(AND($B$3<$L$1,$B$1<$L$1,$B$4< $L$2),$B$5*(($M$1/12)*((YEAR($B$2)-YEAR($L$1))*12+MONTH($B$2)-MONTH($L$1)+1)+1),IF(AND($B$3<$L$1,$B$1<$L$1,$B$4> $N$2),$B$5*(($M$1/12)*((YEAR($B$2)-YEAR($L$1))*12+MONTH($B$2)-MONTH($L$1)+1)+1)*(($M$2/12)*((YEAR($B$2)-YEAR($L$2))*12+MONTH($B$2)-MONTH($L$2)+1)+1),$B$5))

Month to Date & Year to date

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I have a spreadsheet that I am trying to get a cumulative figure for the current month to date to calculate and then a year to date figure. I have two spreadsheets within the workbook one for the data entry side of things and then the daily report.
I need the formula to look for the "current" month and the "current" year.

Sort month/date/year data using month and date only

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I am attempting to sort a list of companies that are formatted in our
database system by month/date/year (mm/dd/yy). I want them to sort by
month and date only, however Excel 200 recognizes the year as a criteria.
How do I get the program to ignore the year information for these 4,00+

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AddObject NlsCalendar Professional

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NlsCalendar is state of the art Javascript (DHTML) AJAX enabled calendar control. Calendar is generated dynamically in browser and therefore no server request is required. It is fast and responsive, compact interface design and customizable style provides professional calendar view or date time picker for your web application.
NlsCalendar features includes basic calendar functions such as month/year navigation, flat and popup mode, any day as first day of week. In addition to that the calendar also supports month/year drop down view to quickly navigate the calendar to specific date. "Today" function allows you to quicky return to current date by single click.
Advanced features such as multiple date selection, disable date, special day and special event enhances the usability of the control. You can disable date selection, mark date as special day and define special event manually (by calendar property) or programmatically (by function). AJAX capability enrich the already long list of options available in NlsCalendar.

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This Calendar control is so self explanatory as you can see in the picture below. Selected Year & Month are always visible and clear color differences in different portions of the calendar to make it more eye catching and user friendly. Tooltips are also given to improve its usability.
This is very easy to use JavaScript Calendar Control with so many customization option. Date format can be change as different database support different date formats. It also supports multiple instances on same time and all the instances are completely independent with others. It is compatible will all major browsers and different style sheets can be defined to all different instances means every instance can be show in different color scheme on the same page. It also support expiry date feature so you can prevent users to select past dates. There are lots of other customization options as well.

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