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Excel VBA Write to Text File

Excel VBA Write to Text File

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I am using the following code:
my text = textbox1
Open "c:\myfile.txt" For Append As #1
Write #1, my text
Close #1
It works great, except it puts quotation "" marks around the text that is saved in the text file. How do I make it so it doesn't save the text file with quotations around the text?

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Between writing the text file and then opening it, Excel does not find the text file unless I put a delay in between these two actions. So adding a message box to interrupt the program after the file has been written allows Excel VBA to open the text file after the message box has been cleared. It may be that, even though I've closed the text file, VBA may be trying to read it before it gets closed and can't find it because it is still open.
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HTML Code:
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