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Excel VBA Userform Close

Excel VBA Userform Close

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Is there an event for if the userform is not closed by the user? That is, I need code to occur if say the workbook is closed and the form is still open, or if say you view the object in VBA it will close the form too.
Problem is I have a start button on the form, and when its pressed it documents the start time somewhere. if the form closes unexpectedly it never reports the end time. so I am wondering if there is some event that would register the form has closed due to someone editing it in vba or something.

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I have a macro with userform, how to inactivate default close button of the userform(top right corner button). Because I just want user to close the form using command button that I have provided.

Excel VBA Close Userform based on Mouse Location

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What is the simplest way to to close a userform when the mouse moves beyond the edges of a userform?

The autofilter is disable when i close userform

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My problem is with the autofilter
What is my problem?
when I use the find button in a userform created in VBA, the autofilter is disable automatically in the worksheet without my intervention the close button disable too the autofilter in the worksheet.
What is my question?
How I can Troubleshooting my application to never disable the autofilter when the users use the userform especially the find button and the close button

Disabling the X (close) button on a UserForm

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Does anyone know how to disable the X on the top right corner of a UserForm so that when a user clicks on it to close the form, they get a message saying "Please use the Exit button" (which is a macro button on the form itself)

open userform from different open workbook

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I have a userform that will create a new workbook. When I finish entering the data in the userform I populate some cells in the new workbook with the data and then close it. I then want to open another userform in my original workbook. However whenever I try to open the userform I get an error. I think that it is because it is trying to open the userform in the newly created workbook and not the original.
How can I load a userform from the original workbo

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The skurrilewelt UploadWidget is a little light weight (only 10 kb) tool that can be easily used as a standalone uploader on websites or plugged into in your webapplication.
The preview shows, how the plugin is presented in a website. Click Browse, to select multiple files to upload. Click Close and the uploader will disappear. (Close option only works, if the widget is used in a flash dialog box in a flash application).

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- define types of links
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Social Traffic Pop for WordPress

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Social Traffic Pop is finally here. Requested by tons of other Traffic Pop buyers, Social Traffic Pop combines 3 of the most powerful social media tools to make one of the best social media marketing tools ever. Social Traffic Pop builds on everything that made the original Facebook Traffic Pop such a hit and takes it to the next level. Make Google, Facebook, and Twitter your slave and become a social media slayer over night!
- Combined reach of over 1.4 BILLION social media accounts.
- Completely locks all page usability until popup is closed or a social action is completed.
- Popup stays centered as the user scrolls up and down.
- Optional close button.
- Optional advanced close features allow visitors to close the popup by clicking outside of the popup area or by pressing the escape key.
- Cookies remember which users have not completed a social action.
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- Lets you associate a multi level drop down menu to any link on the page, by inserting the custom attribute "data-flexmenu" inside the link.
- Control whether the menu drops down or to the right of the anchor link, through the use of the custom attribute "data-dir".
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PC Performance Monitor

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PC Performance is a software program, which will tell you if your system processor and memory are filled to the rim. The program is small and stays out of the way. It makes it easy for you to keep a close eye on your PC's health. It monitors your computers CPU, ram and hard drive space. The options of the programs will let you change update speed and transparency. The program is really simple and easy to use.
With this software program you will never be caught unawares of your computer's condition. You will always know how much memory and hard drive space you have left and if you are about to go over. When you don't have enough memory there are many tasks your computer will not be able to perform. You will be limited as to what you can do on your computer. If the CPU fails, you and your computer will not be able to do anything. You will have to replace the computer because as a rule the motherboard is the most expensive part of the computer. When the CPU is gone, so is the computer. Knowing when your computer is close to having a problem you will be able to take some preventative measures. By taking those preventative measures you may forego a major catastrophe. You will have been forewarned in enough time maybe to stop it totally. This could save you time and money, plus a lot of stress and frustration.

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