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Excel VBA UserForm Blinking Text

Excel VBA UserForm Blinking Text

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Trying to get Textbox3 data to turn red and blink
This is not working.
Public RunWhen As Double
Private Sub ComboBox1_AfterUpdate()
Call StartBlink
End Sub
Place this in a module
Public Sub StartBlink()
If Form.Limit.TextBox3.ForeColor = vbRed Then ' Red Text
Form.Limit.TextBox3.ForeColor = vbWhite ' White Text
Form.Limit.TextBox3.ForeColor = vbRed ' Red Text
End If
RunWhen = Now + TimeSerial(0, 0, 1)
Application.OnTime RunWhen, "'" & Form.Limit.Name & "'!StartBlink", , True
End Sub

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