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Excel VBA Remove Extra Carriage Return

Excel VBA Remove Extra Carriage Return

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I need to remove the extra carriage return that appears in about 25% of all my cells on a worksheet, it appears as the first character an extra carriage return.
How do I remove the extra lines. ?
I've tried Replace() vbcrlf and vba, neither seemed to work. still leaves a little Box as the first char of the cell

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Really weird invisible carriage return!?

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I have a CSV of data, this CSV has over 800,00 lines/rows so I cant do this manually.
Basically, look at the file I have uploaded, before the word "Barry" there is some kind of invisible return carriage going on! If you copy and paste the cell into another cell it appears the same, however double click the cell and copy the actual text and now paste it into another cell or Microsoft word, the carriage return appears!
I have a lot of data where I am copying columns into another program but it keeps recognizing these carriage returns and it gives me more lines/rows than I should have!
Is there any way I can find these invisible carriage returns in excel and remove them?

Coding Carriage Return

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me with this. I have a query in Access that exports data with the carriage return Chr(10). When I export it to Excel, the carriage returns are displayed as boxes. I can solve this problem with text wrapping but problem is, you can't delimit wrapped text. Does anyone know of a way that I can code it to preform a carriage return in Excel (alt-enter)? I was thinking about inserting a character like a comma where I want a carriage return, so something as simple as a find and replace would work but I have no idea how I would code that. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.

Add Carriage Return to Header Using VBA

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I have a code that adds a right header to a page. If I want to shift that header downward, I would need to add a carriage return to it similar to how you would move it down using the built-in header creation in the page setup. How can I accomplish this using VBA? I have tried adding vbNewLine to the code but that did not shift it downward.
For Each WS In Worksheets
WS.PageSetup.RightHeader = "&R Page &U &P &U of &U &N"

Carriage Returns in files visible at work, not at home

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I've been messing with a little project to remove extra carriage returns from reports at work. They show as that "box" character that you might see on the web when you don't have the proper font for whatever language a foreign site's written in. Well, I took my work home and I'm not seeing the boxes when there's a carriage return now.
Is this a setting I can toggle? Is it possibly related to the fact that I've got east Asian language support installed at home, but not at work?
I'm looking at the exact same reports. My work machine is running Excel 2003 on Windows XP SP3. My home machine is running Excel 2003 on Windows XP 64-bit.

Tab Carriage Return

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I have a worksheet in which I have three columns. How do I tell Excel that there are only three columns, so that after tabbing through column C, it automatically drops to column A of the next line?

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