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Excel VBA Multipage Control

Excel VBA Multipage Control

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I want to click on a listbox and have it activate a specific multi page tab (based on the selected value), how can I do this?
I was thinking something like this: MultiPage1.Pages(Listbox1.Value).Activate
But that doesn't seem to work.

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multipage control

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Is it possible to display the tabs on a multi page control on the side vertically instead of horizontally across the top. I didn't see a property to do this.

Find focused Control(Listbox) on Multipage

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I have a multi page with a few pages on it. The first page has two list boxes on it. I want to be able to determine which listbox has focus.

MultiPage Control - Selecting a page

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I am trying to select a page via code:
If certain conditions are not met, a message box will appear and the 1st page of the multi page will be selected
(I am using the multi page in button style if this has any different effects)
I have tried using MultiPage1.Value = 0, but this only selects the button (as if the page had been selected), but doesn't show the page itself, it remains on the previously selected page with page 1 selected
Should I be using a different command?

Add Label at run-time on a Multipage

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I'm trying to add a label at runtime and place it on a MultiPage Control on a user form. Here is my code:
Dim myLabel As MSForms.Label
Set myLabel = AnalyzeForm.Controls.Add("Forms.Label.1")
With myLabel
.Name = "ID" & item
.Left = 12
.Top = TopPos
.Width = 24
.Caption = IDCaption
.BorderStyle = fmBorderStyleSingle
.Font.Bold = True
.Font.Size = 10
End With
I'm having trouble with the syntax on the bold line. As I have it coded, it adds it to the right userform, but it's not on the multi page control. I need to learn how to place it on the correct page of the multi page control: MultiPage1. Page 2.

multipage control using a tab to exit

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I'm using a multi page control on a form that has the style set to fmTabStyleButtons. So it uses buttons instead of tabs. I named one of my buttons (tabs) to Close. CAn I set this up to where just pressing the Close button will cause it to exit the app not just go to that page?

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