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Excel VBA Listbox Multiselect

Excel VBA Listbox Multiselect

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I am wondering:
1) Why my code is not triggered in the Listbox1_Click when I select an item in the multi select box.
2) Once I can get the above to work, how do I indicate what the last item that was clicked is. ie, I select 3 items I want some code to execute each time another new item has been selected

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Place Data from MultiSelect Listbox

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I am having a brain lapse, apparently. I want to simply place a list of data selected from a multi select listbox, that is run in a VBA form, in a spreadsheet. I will then do a lookup to pull additional data from that list.

Excel VBA Multiselect Listbox

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › VBA

I don't suppose someone would be willing to attach an example of a multi select listbox for me. what I need to see it do is for each item selected to filter an autofilter on sheet1 with the selected items.
For example listbox1 would have "1" and "2" and "3" selected and the autofilter in sheet1.b2 would filter out all results except "1" "2" and "3"

Multiselect ListBox on Excel sheet

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I've developed a web app (ASP.NET). It contains an
application form that registered users fill in. now
client asked to make the same thing in excel for off line
users. that is after creating application form in admin
interface admin presses synchronize button and excel file
is generated containing questions and it must use
controls like ListBox, DropDown.
I have done the first part of the task (generating excel file).
For text fields I used ordinary cells of excel.
now I'm having problems reading selected items from multi select
ListBox. with DropDown I use the code like this:
int index=_sheet.Shapes.Item("q_"+id).ControlFormat.Li stIndex;
could you please, help me with multi select list boxes. this code gives me an exception when used with listbox.

how to use multiselect listbox in excel

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I'm making a form in excel (for the first time) and I'm just coming to grips with how to use a multi select listbox - I'm just wondering if the following is possible & if so how to go about it:
I've got a multi select listbox based on a range as below:
Column 1: true/false
Column 2: a,b,c,d,e,f
What I'd like to do is if the user selects 'a' in the listbox, the corresponding row in column1 = true. if 'a' is unselected the corresponding row in column1 = false.
I thought as this is based off a range it might be possible to populate column1 on the fly in the listbox change/after update event or something, using the selected row in the listbox rather than iterating through the whole listbox each time the user does something.
Hopefully I'm making some sort of sense.

For Each Listbox.Value ???

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I want to perform an action for every element in a ListBox. In fact, I want to assign the ListBox.Value to a variable (and do something with it), and this in a consecutive way for all the Values of a ListBox.
I tried to do this with a "For Each In ", but I don't know how to complete this line after the "In" and how the action afterwards should be written (Variable = ListBox.Value ?).
What is the smoothest way to perform an action for every Listbox.Value of the considered ListBox and how do you write that line in VBA?

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