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Excel ScatterPlots

Excel ScatterPlots

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I am graphing data points in a scatter plot. Some of the data points are repeats throughout the data set.
Is there any way to make the size of the dots (data points on the graph) that I am using depend upon the number of same data points I have in my data set?
I want the graph to be able to reflect that some points are repeated many times, not just a single point like all the others.

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I am using excel 2010 to create a scatter plot. I have two columns which need to be plotted but three groups. I can easily create a scatter plot but how do I create a scatter plot which shows the individual scores but colour coded for each group?

interprete distribution of data on scatterplots

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what conclusion do I draw from a scatter chart ?

Labeling x,y data points on scatterplots

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I'd appreciate it if someone could point me to a thread or demo that shows how to label data points in an xy graph using text labels. Thanks

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Is it possible to plot a scatter plot with different colors for 2 sets of data?
E.g Type of Agreement MRP Discount%
Limited 10 5% UnLimited 20 10%
I want to show different colors for Limited & Unlimited.
Is it possible to plot scatter plots on both axis(Primary & Secondary)

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Is there any way to get excel scatter plots to recognize a third column (or row) as a series for a scatter plot? FOr example I have data as:
Sequence Long Lat
I would like to plot Long(itude) as X axis and Lat(itude) as Y on
scatter plot (which I can do). But I would also like to identify the sequence
number for each point. I thought I could do that by getting the Sequence numbers to represent a series, but can't seem to get that in a scatter plot.
Is there any other chart besides scatter plot that may be better?

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