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EXCEL function;find string in entire column & return cell referenc

EXCEL function;find string in entire column & return cell referenc

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I need a function to search an entire column on another sheet (K:K) for a text string that returns the first cell reference (K34) that contains the string. Then I can use VLOOKUP to get a second value contained in, say, B34

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EXCEL: find string in vector & return cell reference

Free: Yes
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Need to search for a text string anywhere in a column on another sheet, and return the cell reference of the first match found. Searched for text string will be embedded within larger text.
Example: Find the text string "Joe" (contained in Sheet1, cell A2) within the entire column G of text on Sheet2. When "Joe" is found in Sheet2 Column G, row 365, return cell reference G365.

Function Used to Compare 1 Cell against an Entire Column

Free: Yes
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What is the function or formula I would use to compare one cell against an entire column.
I have two columns (A and B)
Column A has 2500 rows
Column B has 2300 Rows
there is a difference of 200 and I need to find and pull out those 200 missing files.
So I need to know the function that compares the first cell from column B against the entire Column A to see if it is present. If it is present, then return a blank and if it is NOT there, then report back the value of the cell from Column A.
Thanks in advance and hopefully someone can respond as soon as possible, as I need to get the results reports back asap.

find a string of nth occurance & pick next 3 words

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

I need to find a string "pv" occurring 3rd time in a cell and pick 3 subsequent words from the cell
example : the following sentence is there in c5 cell
11 pv 22 pv 33 44 55 pv 66 pv 77 pv 88
the result : I need a function in cell D5 to return
it must be like : find(pv, c5, 3rd occurrence, next 3 words)
and give result 66 pv 77 pv 88
I know we cannot use find() but I need a function something like that and NOT a macro please.

Find a cell containing a string

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Is there a function which will return the cell containing a specific string?
for example
A1 = "table"
B1 = "car"
B2 = "computer"
B3 = "table_pen"
B4 = "phone"
C1 = my_function
C1 contains the function. It must return the cell that contains A1 ("table"), B3 in this case.

Using 2 If Statements and searching the entire array

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am trying to use this formula
to return for me column H
In essence, what I am saying is
If within column C, I find Cell G6 AND within column B, I find Cell H5, Then return for me the associated number in Column D.
Currently, the way I am doing it, its only searching the row not the entire column. Anyone have any idea why thats happening and how I can make it work the way want it to?
(I have attached a file as an example and highlighted the cell's to show where there is a problem)

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Check Password

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Tags: PHP › Excel Password Protection

Verifies that a given string is a good password. If it is a good password, the function returns an empty string. If it isn't, it returns a text string describing the flaws. The function is relatively permissive, but was written to take additional constraints.

JavaScript Trim String

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Javascript trim is a string function. It will trim all leading and trailing occurrences of whitespace characters.
This JavaScript removes any excess whitespace (spaces, tabs, line breaks, etc) from both sides of a string.

Multi-thread Simulation in PHP

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This class can emulate the execution of program threads using separate HTTP requests to the same script. It establishes an HTTP connection to the same Web server to execute the same PHP script. It sends a request passing the name a function to execute and an argument to be passed to that function. The requested script executes some code that detects the thread execution request and calls the specified function. When the thread request script ends, the return values of the called function is returned as a serialized string. The calling script can execute other tasks while the thread script runs. The results may be collected later when the thread script ends.

libmstring : Useful String Manipulation Functions

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This library is consist of useful string manipulating functions including PHP 's explode and str_replace function.

PHP Advanced String Class

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This is a nice-ordered class (tools) that will help you to do A LOT of things more easy (validating, working with dates, detecting spam, and so..). The documentation is very complete, there I explain how each function works and each one has a example perfectly Syntax-Highlighted. Plus, have some examples in /examples/ folder.
Here is what you can do with this class:
- Validate numeric values (strict and non-strict)
- Validate only-letters
- Check if a string contains X thing (word, phrase, letter..)
- Check if a string is utf-8
- Get Biggest or Smaller value in an array
- Check if a number is between other two
- Validate Email, Telephone, Zip Code, IP , Hexadecimal, Credit Card, date, etc...
- Extend a date (Get years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds) in a string or array
- Comes with a list of blocked words (for preventing spam). You can temporary or permanently add more words
- You can replace blocked words with what you want
- You can count or get blocked words found in a string

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