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Excel Automation and columns width

Excel Automation and columns width

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I used VB6 to display reports in Ms excel 2003. but I have a problem with the columns width. I wrote this code to control the width: (for example)
xlsheet.Columns("A:A").ColumnWidth = 2.29
the problem is that this width depends on the computer I am working on. i.e they fit perfectly on this PC but they are too wide in the any other PC even though the width is the same 2.29
Is there a way around this problem?

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Some excel columns won't retain width after being copied into Powerpoint

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I am having a very troubling problem. In excel I specify the column widths, however when I copy and paste the table into Powerpoint, 2 of my columns no matter how I try, will not display the correct column width.
As you can see in the picture in excel, it displays the column width correctly, in columns C and E the width is very small ( I set both of them to width = 0.15 )
However, once I copy and paste into powerpoint, columns C and E become 0.5 in size (or bigger)
Help! why is excel doing this?

Unwanted change in width of columns when showing formula.

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When selecting to show formulas in cells, a lot of my columns change their width.
I have confirmed that I am viewing the worksheet at the same zoom-level before and after switching to showing formulas.
When reverting back to show the actual results of the formulas in the cells, the width also goes back to what I had initially decided on.
Why is this (width gets bigger)?
I want to have the freedom to maintain _my_ chosen column-width, stupid-looking as it might be. Is there a solution to not have the column-width changing like this?

How can I set width of the columns in the column graph?

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I need to make 10 graphs with different number of columns, but Excel resizes column width each time I add additional column to the graph. I need all 10 graphs to have equal column width independently of how many columns in the

Excel Automation from Access Problem

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I am creating a spreadsheet based on data from Jet Tables driven by a form in Access using VBA. The extract works fine. However I'm having a problem with retrospectively deleting columns in the spreadsheet. Having created the Excel sheet I then apply formatting (lines etc). As part of the formatting process I want to be able to delete redundant columns. There may be one column in block of 4 which for 'prettiness' needs to be deleted. I can't get the Excel automation object to do this.
The problem relates to the fact that I have merged cells in a block of 4 columns, when I try to programmatically delete one of those columns, vba deletes the 4 columns, not the selected column. Its something to do with the range select. If I don't merge these cells then the vba works as expected. So my question is has anyone else encountered this, and if so is there a solution.
environment is XP Pro SR1 with Office 2002 build 6501

Text to columns fixed width and delimited

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I have an automated program through our company's website that spits out a form with various contact information. I now want to import all this information into excel, however it is entered into one cell, in which text to columns (delimited or fixed width) do not work. Does anyone have a macro that could split this up? Fields are First name, last name, email, age, gender, city, state, zip, receive offers Example below.

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As the saying goes laziness is the engine of progress. And indeed it is. Was too lazy to create multiple sidebars. Was too lazy to remember a lot of shortcodes, such as OneHalf, TwoThree, ThreeFifthLast, etc. Besides these shortcodes have had success only to full width pages, but as soon as this page appears sidebar, all at once to crumble as the columns have a fixed width. From here came the idea to make a jQuery plugin that would be able to easily solve such problems.
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