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Excel Autocomplete

Excel Autocomplete

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I am having trouble when I am typing a list and repeat a word many times. It works fine if I "enter" down and start typing again however if I "enter" dun two or more times than auto complete does not work. If I enter a (.) period then it works but this looks a little messy when I print.

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This tutorial shows you how to write plug-ins to encourage reusable code. Sometimes, before writing a plug-in your first step should really be to see if someone else has done it for you.

AutoComplete in EXCEL

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Sometimes, when I type text in a cell, , the AutoComplete feature not automatically fill the remaining characters, sometimes does.
Any idea what to do?

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The Search Autocomplete and Suggest Magento extension makes it simple for your customers to find exactly what they need quickly and conveniently.
The Search Autocomplete and Suggest Magento module offers features you want to make your online store incredibly user-friendly:
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Autocomplete can add prediction/history functionality to any text field with a simple line of code! As the user starts typing a list of close matches to their word or phrase appears.
Two modes:
Predefined suggestions mode:
Pass an array of terms to the Autofill class and it would automatically be used as suggestions. Example of loading terms from a text file (.txt) is included.
History mode:
Everything the user types in the textfield (and hits return) is automatically saved in a shared object in order to be used later as suggestions.

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The list with suggested items supplied by a web service is positioned under the textbox.

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jQuery autocomplete callback function

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I have spent a lot of time on creating a working callback function for the jQuery UI autocomplete plugin. Here is a working example:

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