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Excel 2010 Pivot Tables

Excel 2010 Pivot Tables

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I have created a pivot table with each month as the main category and a product line as the row with the amount sold going into the sub columns (each week) - and the whole year is totaled. but I have hidden the weeks so you can only see the month. I tried adding a percentage on the end of the pivot table - because I wanted to see the percentage of each product sold - but everytime I go to "maximize" the weeks in the month the percentage column disappears. So my question is - is there anyway to not to "maximize" all the weeks of each month - then going in manually and hiding them? and be able to show the percentage of each month?

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Can someone tell me how to change the 'Summarize Values By' from Sum to Average for an entire column or row simultaneously? Presently, I am making the changes by individual cells.

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I have a page with 8 pivot tables looking back to the same source data. In Excel 2003 I used to be able to change the data source for tables 2-8 to point to table 1 which reduced the file size quite a bit, but I can't see how to do this in Excel 2010 -

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I have one set of data and several pivot tables created using this data all in the same workbook (each pivot table has its own tab) When refreshing the pivot tables I need to be able to refresh only one pivot table at a time, and the problem is that sometimes several pivot tables are updated after refreshing only one. This is needed because some of the pivot tables contain information that is updated only quarterly, yearly, etc. How do I ensure that all the pivot tables are set up correctly so that only one is refreshed

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I have a workbook that has 6 connections to an MS Access database. When I use the command "RefreshAll" in vba the linked tables refresh, but the pivot tables and pivot charts that are based on them do not. If I run the macro again, then the pivot tables and charts update.
I have tried calling the sub twice from another sub, but that doesn't work. I have also tried to use the code:
and then looping through all the pivot tables and refreshing. Again, the data tables refresh but the pivot tables and charts do not.

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