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Excel 2003- Charts- date and time format on x-axis of XY chart

Excel 2003- Charts- date and time format on x-axis of XY chart

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I am trying to plot an XY graph with x-axis data in date and time format but Excel keeps counting the x-axis data as "data labels". It is in the format mm/dd/yy HH:mm ex) 10/28/06 17:00
Instead, Excel appears to be turning my XY plot into a line plot (for example, the first date is assigned an x-value of 1, the second value assigned an x-value of 2 and so on so that each date/time x-value is evenly spaced).
I would like to find a way to plot this data so that it is spaced relative to date and time.

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You can even pass in a date range for the x axis and it will create the x axis labels for you. Thats something that the Google Chart API doesnt provide you. Then, you can also pass in a date just like you do in PHP to get the labels formatted just the way you want.
You have complete control over the styles and colors. The Google Chart API allows you to customize any colors, fonts, etc. in the graphs and every generated HTML element has a class applied for easy CSS styling (it only generates 9 elements).

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- Supports two modes.
- Display time in 24 Hours or 12 Hours format.
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