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Estimating Stock Trading Range From Historical Volatility

Estimating Stock Trading Range From Historical Volatility

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I have a list of stocks and their historical volatilities. Is there a formula that can be used in excel which could estimate the trading range of the stock for a given day ?

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measuring historical volatility

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I have a set of financial data that I would like to use to find its
historical volatility. I know the equation for determining volatility but I
was wondering if there is an excel addin that would speed up the process so I
don't have to do everything manually

stock chart -- how to include only trading days

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Trying to do a simple high-low-close stock chart. I have these three items listed for each trading day in columns on the worksheet. Also have corresponding trading dates in a column. The chart insists on showing on the X axis all dates, including non-trading dates. On the body of the chart there are blanks between data points, corresponding to the non-trading dates. How can I get the X axis to omit the non-trading dates?

Web Query Historical Stock Quotes

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I know this has been asked before, but not in this way (I think, search function hasn't yielded anything useful for me).
What I would like to do is use a web query (or multiple queries in multiple sheets, whatever it takes) to pull historical-to-current stock quotes. I have no preferences as far as source goes: yahoo finance, Google finance, MSN finance, whatever.

How to Retrieve Historical Stock Prices?

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I have used VBA a few times and I am taking a finance class where I need to
be able to calculate a porfolio's risk (standard deviation).
Here is what I am trying to do:
With user defined stock symbols and date range, go to either MSN Money or
Yahoo!Finance and retrieve historical closing prices and populate it back in
Excel. From there do a little data manipulation to prep it for the
calculations. The goal is to make it user friendly, hence the use of VBA
forms, etc.
Here's my problem:
The data manipulation and calculations are not a problem once the data is in
Excel. My question is "How do I get the historical stock prices based on the
user defined data (symbol and date range) from MSN Money or Yahoo!Finance and
populate it in Excel?"
I have racked my brain for the past four days trying to figure it out. I

Web query to create historical stock data

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Web query is easy to schedule 5 minute refresh, however I want to retain this 5minute data to create a database continuing throughout the trading day to generate 5 minute intra day price/volume data, my question is how can I move the data up or down so as not to remove the previous 5minutes data as the new data is generated. Any suggestions appreciated. thx

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- Ability to Prioritize Specific Partners Through the Advantage System, Give 0-10 Weights!
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This ticker can show stock market quotes using AJAX technology in a watchlist table display. The ticker is fully customizable via CSS/JavaScript settings. FEATURES * AJAX technology - the data is loaded via AJAX HTTPRequest object from a server-side PHP script (quote source) that provides the stock quotes * permanent update - quotes are updated continuously at custom frequency. * customizable skin - size, fonts, colors and all style is set from CSS * customizable symbols - you can use any symbols supported by the quote source * trend icons - trend of symbols is depicted using image icons

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A simple interface for displaying real time stock quotes in Flash. Uses a service from Yahoo that provides stock information in CSV format. PHP is used to parse the CSV file and format it for use with Flash.
This example provides a quick overview of using a web service with flash remoting. AMFPHP was used in this case, but any type of flash remoting (coldfusion, .net, java, etc) could be used. The only code we have to worry about in this case is actionscript in the flash movie.

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1. just through xml to edit.
2. support all images.
3. support auto play.
4. support edit click event.
5. support unlimited items.
6. can to set theme color,border thickness,rotation value.

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