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Employment Years of Service for future date formula

Employment Years of Service for future date formula

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I was hoping someone would be able to please give me the formula to calculate someone's years and months of service with a company assuming a future end date.
For example if someone was hired 12/2/02 and was terming the company as of 06/30/12, what formula can I plug in to get the years of service and months with the organization?

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Calculate years of service

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I am looking if there is an Excel formula or macro that can calculate the years of service for each employee based on periods of employment and seniority date. In order for a year to be considered as a year of service, an employee must work a complete calendar year (January 1st through December 31st); otherwise, that period of employment (months) do not count toward someone's years of service. The problem comes in because we have quite a few employees that have been terminated and rehired. Also, once obtaining the years of service, I am using VLOOKUP to obtain the vacation days from information located on the VacationTable tab. However, I can't figure out the vacation hours, monthly accrual and daily accrual based on the vacation days.
Can anyone help me? I've been stuck for a while and can't get this to work.
Please refer to attached file for better understanding of what I am trying to accomplish.

Length of Employment

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I am trying to calculate service time of our employees for our annual awards dinner. One thing we do is give service pins for every 5 years of service. Any employee whose 5 years (10yrs, 15yrs, etc.) falls between June 1, 2008 and May 31, 2009 is eligible. I would like to have a formula that calculates if the employee is eligible for a service pin.
I only know excel basics, not visual basic, etc.

Years of Service

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I'm trying to create a "database" for our team so that we can then create a mail merge for our certificates for anniversaries with the company. I found a formula that will give me the years of service with some text.
=DATEDIF(G10,$C$1,"y") & " years of service "
G10 = the start date C1 = today's date
This result gives me "2 years of service" which is great for all but 1 year of service. Can anyone help me with an if statement for the instance when it is the first anniversary and I want it to say "1 year of service".

Average of Years employed

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I am trying to find an average length of employment for a group of employees at the time of their promotion. I am using the formula below to calculate each employee's time in service at the date of promotion:
=DATEDIF(D4,E4,"y") & " Yrs, " & DATEDIF(D4,E4,"ym") & " Months"
D4 = beginning employment date
E4 = promotion date
What I would like to do is average the time on the job for the employees promoted in each group. I cannot simply average the column due (I think) to the text in the output.

Microsoft Excel Formula Help

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I am trying to create a formula that will show length of employment in years and months with an employment start date and a constant end date for the fiscal year. I tried using a few days and date if formulas, but just casn't get it to work. Example- Start Date of 1/1/2006 and end date of fiscal year 6/30/06-- Answer needs to be in a years and month format. I'm attaching sample file.

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