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Dynamic Userform to delete selected sheets

Dynamic Userform to delete selected sheets

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I want to create a userform that will list all worksheets in a workbook with CheckBoxes next to each one. The user then can check the worksheets they wish to delete, and click the OK button to delete them. I have been able to create a userform that lists all the sheets, but that is about it. Any help would be awesome!

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Show data from selected cell in userform

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I am working with a userform and I want the data from a selected cell to appear in the userform. The catch is that the userform needs to be running, then have the user select any cell, then the data in that cell needs to appear in the userform (in a label if possible?) Any ideas? I'm not sure how to approach this - the rest of the userform and programming runs

Userform Listbox data problem

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I have a spreadsheet with a 'userform' which has a 'listbox' which displays the data found in a worksheet (which is populated by a user via various sheets), all that is fine however I am trying to set it up so that when a user identifies a row in the userform they can select the row and then select "delete" (using a command button) and it will then delete that row of data from the worksheet.
I have some code I got from an old workbook but can't get it to work properly.
I have attached a copy of the worksheet and userform if someone can

Add/edit/delete records userform

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I was wondering if any of you knew of a good tutorial for creating a simple userform which adds, edits and deletes data from a workbook.
Really I'm just after the code for how to view, edit and delete existing rows in a worksheet, but a good tutorial is probably easier to follow.

Deleting Sheets

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I'm trying to delete sheets using a command button. The code looks like this:
Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
If SheetExists("Sheet1") Then
End If
If SheetExists("Sheet2") Then
End If
End Sub
The problem I have is that every time the code tries to delete a sheet, dialog box pops up that says "data may exist in the sheet selected for deletion. To permanently delete the data press delete." Then I have to hit delete to make it delete the sheet. Is there any way to bypass this dialog box, so that it just deletes the sheet with no warning or anything?

knowing what sheets selected

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how do I use VBA to know what sheet is selected ?
because I need to do some customize formatting to the cells
and I need to know which sheet is selected (can be multiple), so is that possible for the code to check what sheets have been selected ?
my code right now will run through all sheets
for each Sheets in activeworkbook.sheets
do stuff
but right now I want to do the formatting based on the sheets I selected.
is that possible? if yes, how ?

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