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Duplicates formula

Duplicates formula

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Result in col B
I'd like to find the number duplicates in Column A, and place a result in column B as shown on above in Col B. How do you create formulas?

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Rank formula and duplicates

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I need a rank formula that will rank in descending order.
Formula needs to take into consideration duplicates and assign a unique ranking number fo each duplicates.

Formula for removind duplicates without using 'remove duplicates' button

Free: Yes
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is there a formula that allows me to automatically remove duplicate values in a column in excel?
Let's say I have column A which contains a list of web addresses. I need a formula that will enable me to display in column B all the unique web addresses and leave out the duplicates. I cannot use the "remove duplicates' function in excel for this as the data in column A will be changing from time to time.
I really hope someone can help me with this!

Remove duplicates on array formula

Free: Yes
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I have a column of data that contains the array formula:
This column has about 7550 records in it with lots of duplicates. I want to take out all of the duplicates. When I do 'Remove Duplicates' on the column, it doesn't work right. Is there a way I can change this formula to only show one of each value?

Remove duplicates, then sumif, with only formula

Free: Yes
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I have the following sheet:
A, X, 7
B, Y, 10
B, Y, 10
B, W, 20
C, Y, 10
I need a formula that will SUM column 3 IF column 1 = B,
That does not sum if a duplicate occurs in column 2
So when entering B formula returns = 30 (first B row + third B row)(ignores second B-Y row)
When C is entered, returns = 18 (3rd column sum of C's ignoring duplicates in second column)
FYI: If 2nd column are =, then 3rd column are equal in my sheet.
I basically want to remove duplicates and then do a sumif, but I want it to do it all in a formula without having to do the remove duplicates manually or have to run a macro. Is it possible?


Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am looking for a formula that prevents the entry of duplicates.
Not insert a value in cell B1 when the value already exists in column A.

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InsanityVille's Simple Form Validation

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Tags: Ajax › Excel Form Validation jQuery

A simple way of validating a registration form via AJAX and PHP. It uses jQuery for AJAX calls and visual effects and a PHP/MySQL back-end to check for duplicates. This little demonstration is made to illustrate the simple, elegant and unobtrusive way to make verification on text fields without leaving the page.

API Validation Key Generator

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This is a PHP5 class that will allow you to generate a key for an specific user and validate it. In the features, there are:
- It generates a 25 characters key
- You can change the length of the key that will be generated (default 25)
- You can set what characters do you want in the key (Default A-Z a-z 0-9 !@^$*()_+)
- You can set the file where will be saved the users/keys
- The key comes with rawurlencode(), this will allow you to pass the key trough an URL
- The system doesnt duplicates keys or usernames! If the entered username is repeated, the system will just return the existing key of the respective user
- You can use this wherever you want (Integration is too easy)
- You dont need database! And if you want, you can integrate this into a database
The finality is that you can easy implement this class to your API and allow the controlled use of it. With this class you only generate and validate keys, allowing to add whatever you want. For example, in the validating file you can save in a database each petition and control them!

The Little Fairy And The Magic Potions

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Tags: Flash › Excel Games

This is a children action / puzzle game in which your mission is to collect magic stars in order to create magic potions based on a random generated formula
If you get the wrong mix the formula is recrated and you loose morale points.
If you get the right formula you gain morale points ( up to 3 )
The game ends after you loose all the morale points.

F1 Races Counter

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Tags: Flash › Excel Counters

Countdown timer for Formula 1 Races. Completely customisable. All race dates and times are stored in an customisable XML file. It will countdown to all sessions by itself. There is no need to refresh the page the counter will automatically update.
The counter is currently set up to countdown to every Formula One session at each Grand Prix. It will count to both Friday Practice sessions, Saturday Practice, Qualifying and the Race. When each session is in progress, the counter will show Event In Progress and this will automatically start counting down to the next session once the current one is finished.

Cost Based Pricing for Magento

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Calculate your product prices based on the Cost + Price Markup formula. Cost Based Pricing extension for Magento will enable you to specify the cost and price markup for each product. The extension makes it easy to manage prices: you can define the rules that would automatically trigger the markup change according to the sales level, and once the markup is changed, all prices are also automatically updated.
Cost Based Pricing features:
- Enables Admin to specify product cost and price markup (either fixed or %);
- Calculates product prices based on the Cost + Price Markup formula and displays the prices in product catalog;
- Price for each product can be either calculated automatically or entered manually by Admin;
- Recalculates the prices when price markup is changed;
- Enables Admin to define rules for automatic price markup adjustment depending on the sales level;
- Comes with a User Manual;
- The extension's functionality code is 100% Open Source.

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