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Do not paste in hidden cells

Do not paste in hidden cells

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I have a spreadsheet with 30 rows I hide 20 that are not in order and I want to copy and paste data from another spreadsheet only in the visible cells. But when I copy and paste excel paste from the cell I select and continues pasting also at the hidden cells so I loose the order. Is there a way to avoid pasting data in the hidden cells?

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paste data over hidden cells that are filtered

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I want to paste data to a filtered sheet that has rows hidden and for it to ignore the hidden rows . I have excel 2007. please advise the simplest way

Excel: copy and paste only shown not hidden cells into new sheet

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I have a worksheet in which I hide information when I don't want to use it,
and make custom views. Now, I would like to take this a step further. How
can I copy this custom view and paste it into a new worksheet without all of
the hidden rows and columns coming with it?

Avoiding Copy & Paste in Hidden/Filtered Cells

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I have a spreadsheet that I have hidden / filtered out data from a previous Vlookup. The only data I wish to apply is the additional to the unhidden / unfiltered rows that are currently blank or show a #N/A. But when I copy and paste the equation down all the unhidden / unfiltered rows the hidden / filtered rows are changed picking up the new additional data. How do I work around this?

Hidden Cells

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I have a spreadsheet with values in A1 B1 & C1.
Column B is hidden. I want to copy the values in A1:C1 and paste these
into F1:G1 but I don't want the value in hidden cell (B1) to be included
in the pasted items.

Selecting or ignoring filtered/hidden cells

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While working with CSV log files yesterday, I filtered rows and hid columns to be able to see the data I was interested in. I could select a range of cells and copy, and when I would paste, only the visible cells would paste. (This was obvious from the dotted selection outline drawn around the hidden cells.) Alternatively, I could delete a range of cells, and only the visible cells would be deleted. When I removed the filter, the contents of the previously hidden cells were still there.
In the middle of working with these files, this behavior changed. When I tried to copy a filtered range, all the hidden cells copied too. When I tried to delete a filtered range, the non-visible cells were deleted too.
I am not aware that I did anything to change this behavior. Is there some way to toggle this feature that I could have accidentally changed?

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