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Divide Address into separate columns

Divide Address into separate columns

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I need to take the following data in a single cell .
248 Twenty first St, Denmark SA 5341
and change it into this.
248 Twenty first St | Denmark | SA | 5341 |
So I end up with 4 columns. What I have been doing up to now is copy the column with data into a text file, then import back using spaces as delimiters, then I spend a heap of time fixing the errors.
Presume the data is in column A, Is there a way to put the postcode into column D, the State into Column C, the name into column B and leave the address in column A? - Wow! this would help so much, I have 100's to do! - Maybe I need to use the spaces as identifiers?
I did manage to move the postcode across. but I keep getting lost when I need to get more specific. Any help would be appreciated heaps!

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I have a list of addresses in one column of excel in the format : 123 Main St, Litigant, PA 17543 and I want to know how to separate this data into 2 columns, one column with just the address and the next with city, state, zip

Put each data into separate columns?

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I would like to know how to separate each individual data into separate columns. I copied the results from a website and I would like them to be separated without hassling too much time. I have like 250 companies to separate and it was a hassle to move them into separate columns. The sample goes like this:
From the data (all in one column):
(Company Name)
(Company Address)
(Company City)
(Company Phone No.)
(Company Owner)
And what I would want to transfer into separate columns:
(Company Name) | (Company Address) | (Company City) | (Company Phone No.) | (Company Owner)
I'll take a screenshot later tonight when I get off from work. I would gladly appreciate it.

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Currently I have a large database with one column with an address displayed as: 108 Delmar
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I have c 500 address which I need to separate into separate cells for the purpose of a mail merge.
I have attached an excel spreadsheet with all the addresses in and have managed to extract the first line of the address using the LEFT function.
I reckon I can work out how to get the postcode but don't know how to separate the middle (towns, counties) etc.

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I have over 1,00 records in an address data base. The street address field contains both the house number and the street name. I need to place these in separate fields so that I can sort by street name. Is there a shortcut to doing this so that I don't have to cut and paste each individual record?

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