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DisplayFullScreen after window is Maximized

DisplayFullScreen after window is Maximized

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I know how to use Application.DisplayFullScreen = True to enlarge the screen upon opening the excel file. But, when you minimize the screen and then maximize it again, the full screen goes back to normal. How do you force the screen to stay Full Screen?

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Excel Window Not Maximized

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I'm having a major problem. I received an excel document from someone. If I look in VBA, I can see that there's multiple worksheets. But, the workbook isn't full maximized, so I can't see the worksheet names at the bottom. Also, I can see the top of the workbook, but there's no buttons in the top right to minimize/maximize.
Bare in mind that I'm very versed in Excel and write VBA often.

My Excel Read-Only file will not open in maximized view.

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This is merely a query in cosmetics, but it's driving me crazy a little bit and I was wondering if you may have a solution for this.
I have made an Excel file and saved it as Read-Only. But it ONLY opens up in a view that's NOT maximized. The Excel program window is maximized, but not the file.
Any MS Office file that you open, opens up in the last setting that you closed it. IE: If you closed it and the window was maximized, then it opens maximized. And if it was closed in NOT maxed view, then it opens that way as well. But that's not happening with this one particular file and it is really irritating.

How Open Excel Window Maximized From Vb6.0

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To Everyone For Help Other People
I Just Want To Know How Can I Open Automatically An Excel Window From A Vb6.0 Program Using Ole Connection Between Them. Sorry For My English. In My Case , When I Try To Open My Excel File, This Just Appear Like A Small Window. I Tried To Max With Vba Code But I Have No Answer.

Excel 2010 not opening in maximized view

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I am starting to use Office 2010 and Excel is only opening in a small
window. Does anyone have knowledge on how to get it to open in full window (be the size of my screen)? All other office applications open in full view.

Access Form Maximized in Design View

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I am working in Access 2007 on Windows XP SP2. While in design view I have "maximized" a form and can not figure out how to minimize it again. To try and clarify, when working with forms in design view I am typically able to move them around, resize them etc. But since double clicking the in the title bar are of the form it has maximized and now I am unable to manipulate the form in this way. Needless to say this is very frustrating.

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