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Diagrams with Excel

Diagrams with Excel

Price: FREE

I have some numeric binary data that I want to convert into diagrams one of my colleagues informed me that he did it with MS Excel, is that
if yes how can I do it?

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PHP and UML Class Diagrams

Free: Yes
Tags: PHP › Excel Miscellaneous

UML (Unified Modeling Language) is a mechanism for representing software in the form of diagrams. Essentially it allows to design our applications by drawing, and if the right tools existed, even generate code from the diagrams. In this article we'll look at how PHP code is represented in UML terms, via use of the the UML class diagram.

Nyquist diagrams

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

Is it possible to plot Nyquist diagrams in Excel? If so, how?
I've tried using the scatter diagram, which works after a fashion, but it would be nice to have a classical Nyquist diagram framework n the chart.
I wear the cheese. It does not wear me.

how do i get venn diagrams in excel sheets?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

is it possible to get Venn diagrams? or do we have to make it ourselves?

dynamicaly changing diagrams

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Apologies if this has been covered somewhere else but I could find anything.
I want to include a diagram on a spreadsheet that will change dynamically as certain cells are filled/changed but have no idea where to start.
A simple example would be a rectangle that changes its width and height in proportion to data entered into two cells to define the width and height.
Is this something that can only be achieved using VBA? I have spreadsheets created by others that can do this kind of thing but they locked so that I can't see how it was done.

Scatter Diagrams

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

The x values will not display properly. They just plot as if they were the numbers 1 2 3 etc but the y values are fine.
If I make the reverse the x and y data the graph works but is of course not in the format I want

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Curves and Column diagrams

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Charts

Driven by XMl or HTML flash param;
1 or 2 diagrams;
Curves & Column;

FlowChartX: C++ Activex Control

Free: No
Tags: C++ › Excel ActiveX Controls Charts

FlowChartX is a general-purpose software component that can be used to display various types of diagrams and charts, in many different formats. It is implemented as an ActiveX control and can be easily integrated into any application targeting Microsoft Windows. By providing your software with ready to use capabilities for visualizing and editing relational data, FlowChartX saves you from hundreds of hours of coding and debugging efforts.
FlowChartX can give graphical representation to:
- Workflow processes
- Object hierarchies and relationships
- Graphs and networks
- Entity-relationship / database diagrams
- IVR systems
- Industrial automation processes
- Genealogy trees
- Algorithms and flowcharts
- Organizational charts
- XML documents
- Classification hierarchies

PowerCharts - Interactive Flash Charts

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Charts

PowerCharts is a set of advanced charting widgets for domain-specific usage like in network diagrams, performance analysis, profit-loss analysis, financial planning, stock price plotting and hierarchical structures. The charts are very interactive and powerful, thus helping you add a rich immersive experience to your apps with ease. A number of the charts are visually editable as well so you can use them to plot what-if scenarios, and the edited value can be submitted back to the server. PowerCharts is a part of the FusionCharts Suite, but functions independently of the other products in the suite as well.
The charts offered include the heat map chart for performance and investment analysis, drag node chart for network diagrams and hierarchical structures, waterfall chart for profit-loss and inventory analysis, visually editable column and line charts for what-if scenarios and sales predictions, candlestick chart for stock and commodity prices and the radar (spider) chart for comparing multiple entities on multiple parameters. On the whole, PowerCharts offers over a dozen domain-specific chart types.
The charts work with both XML and JSON data, and can integrate with any server-side technology (ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails etc.) and database you use. Most of the charts can be rendered in both Flash and JavaScript (HTML5), thus giving you the best of both worlds.

UML2ClearQuest: Export UML state charts to ClearQuest Designer

Free: No
Tags: Software › Excel Charts ClearQuest UML

This application is to ease the process of programming ClearQuest Designer's state transitions matrix for change requests. UML2ClearQuest can export UML state charts to ClearQuest Designer, which makes for a simple visual design process. UML Export is supported from StarUML, IBM Rational Software Architect or MS Visio. The demo version can export diagrams to IBM Rational ClearQuest with no more than 3 states. See success story. Compatibility: Compatible with any ClearQuest version (including ClearQuest 7.1)
The purpose of this application is to ease the process of programming ClearQuest Designer's state transitions matrix for change requests. UML2ClearQuest can export UML state charts to ClearQuest Designer, which makes for a simple visual design process. UML Export is supported from IBM Rational Software Architect or MS Visio. UML2ClearQuest supports the following capabilities: * Transferring UML states from IBM Rational Software Architect, MS Visio or StarUML. Design business processes with the comfort of IBM Rational Software Architect, MS Visio and StarUML and easily import the results to IBM Rational ClearQuest to a new or existing record type. * Visualizing the import data. Before importing, UML2ClearQuest shows the state diagram and checks it for compliancy with the IBM Rational ClearQuest state machine. * Exporting state machines for record types from IBM Rational ClearQuest. Allows for exporting IBM Rational ClearQuest state machines to UML diagrams in IBM Rational Software Architect, MS Visio and StarUMLformat for modifying and viewing. A modified diagram can then be imported to the existing record type from which it was exported.

Diagram Builder with PHP and ASP

Free: Yes
Tags: PHP › Excel ASP Charts

It is a library of some objects and functions, which can help you to display a coordinate diagram (resp. a chart or graph) in your webpage in an easy way.
Since version 3.0 you can generate images of coordinate diagrams (resp. charts or graphs) at serverside (using PHP or ASP) and save it as file or send it back as a stream. These 2 versions are independent from the clientside JavaScript version of the script. The method calls of the 2 scripts are very similar to the method calls of the JavaScript version. However, the methods for changing the properties of objects (MoveTo, ResizeTo, SetColor, etc.) are not available, because it is not possible to change these properties after the image has been created. Because of this, the bar, box, dot, pixel, line, area, arrow and pie objects in the JavaScript version, are methods of the diagram object in the PHP and ASP version.

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