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Deleting rows

Deleting rows

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I have a question, I have a spreadsheet which contains two columns of text which are b and c and 7 columns of numbers and formulas which are d-j, there are some rows on which I will have nothing but zeros and blank cells, I would like to make a macro which would delete all the rows if there are any empty/zeros within columns d-j.

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Deleting Rows

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have a spreadsheet with 30,00 rows and I want to delete all rows in column H that have "0.00" in them. The "0.00" is from a formula.
I have read through similar requests but to be honest I do not understand anything about VBA or Macros etc so would need the absolute dummies guide to achieving this.

Deleting Rows

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have hundreds of rows that I want to delete if various cell/s in say column H have no data without doing each line individually.
I need the code plus the 'Absolute Dummy's Guide' from go to whoa to implement same.

Deleting rows or columns

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

When deleting rows or columns on a work sheet, the information is lost (ie: #REF) on the connecting worksheet

Deleting Multiple Blank Rows

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Is there a quick and simple way of deleting multiple different blank rows from a sheet? - Other than individually clicking on them (with ctrl) and then
i.e. removing the blank rows between the other rows of data? (But on a large scale)
Number Name B5298 BOWER, RH

Deleting Rows using VB

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Can anyone give me VB code to delete a row if the cell value in a column = "0"? I'm new to the whole VB thing.
Based on the attached screenshot, I'm trying to remove the rows entirely if they have a zero in column E.

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