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Date Minus Date

Date Minus Date

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I'm looking for a formula where I want to find number of years. I have two date fields Previous Date and Current Date.
Current Date is January 10, 2011 and Previous Date is January 15, 2005.
I want to minus both dates and get something like 6 years 5 days in a field.
What formula should I use?

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[Solved] Date - minus two days - new date

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Seems simple enough but it's doing my head in.
I have a cell with a date entered. I'm looking for a formula that takes two days off of the original date and display this in a separate cell.

How do I calculate a date minus a number of years ?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

How do I calculate a date minus a number of years ?
I have in particular columns the age and date of examination.
I want to calculate an approximate date of birth.
So if the date of examination in G9 is 23rd June 1867 (entered as 23/06/1867), and the age in H9 is 45
I want the formula to produce 23/06/1822.

Calculating Date with # of days minus weekends

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have two pieces of information. A begin date (A1) and a number of days (A2). I want to calculate the completion date. This is fairly simple
But how do I do this when I don't want weekends included?
Another way to say it is, A1 represents the number of weekdays, so I want to add that number of weekdays to A2 and see the final date.
So far I tried the WEEKDAY function, but did not get anywhere.
NOTE: I am using EXCEL 2003

How to: date field minus minutes equals new date

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

I have a worksheet that has 1 field with the full date, e.g. 12/25/2007 09:30 (field A) and another field that has minutes, e.g. 15. (field B) I want a formula that can tell me the new date/time if I take field A and deduct field

Networkdays not going into minus figures.

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am currently trying to setup a formula so that it reports the number of working days between the current day and a deadline date sometime in the future.
I created this by doing =NETWORKDAYS(TODAY(), DEADLINE DATE) and it reports the number of days which is fine.
What I would like to add to is if the DEADLINE DATE is in the past to just report ZERO instead of going into minus figures, I was trying the IF function but it just constantly reported zero so I must have done something incorrect. Could anyone help me in with this?

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