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Data Validation Font

Data Validation Font

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Does anyone know how to fix the problem of the font size in the data validation list being too small to read when you zoom in?

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Font Size of data validation List

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have made a data validation list. By clicking the drop down list ant item in the list can be selected. Is there a way to increase the font size of the list.
Problem is clear however I am attaching a sample sheet.
I want the list in "D6" to be bold, bigger in font (14 size )or may be any other formatting options.

Validation List Font Size

Free: Yes
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Is there a way to increase the font size of the drop down option on a data validation list?

Drop Down List Font Size in Data Validation

Free: Yes
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I have created a drop down list using the Data Validation function.
Unfortunately the list is so small and the user cannot see it. I thought I could just easily increase the font size in the cells the list is accessing.
This does not work.

Validation table font size

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am trying to view my validation table in my spreadsheet but because of all the columns I am viewing my spreadsheet at less than 100%. The validation table options are displaying so tiny I cannot read them. Is there a way to increase there font size? All other fonts even at the reduced view size are showing much larger and I would like my validation table options to as well.

Data Validation Lists

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Queries

I am using Data Validation Lists in a couple of different places in my spreadsheet and they are working wonderfully.
However, the font size within the lists are very small. Is there a way to increase the size of the text within Validation lists?

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Data Validation class

Free: No
Tags: PHP › Excel Validation

The key to a stable and secure application or website is data validation. Validating things like email addresses, numbers, and other data can be very time consuming and add a lot of extra lines of code to your website if you want to do it the right way. This class can make the data validation part of website development a lot easier.
This class is very easy to use. Because all the methods are static they are faster and callable without instantiating the class. This will say that you only need to include the PHP file in your code and do the validations like below. The method returns a boolean (true when its valid, false when invalid).

EasyValidation - PHP Special validation class

Free: No

EasyValidation is a special PHP class to validate data, It helps you validate forms, Or variables in seconds. It uses two types of validation, The regex validations and, The PHP Validations (PHP Scripts that validates the data).
EasyValidation is easy to use & simple to modify. The thing so special about EasyValidation is that you can add your own validations in second, Whether it’s a regex validation or a PHP one.
Each validation also has its own “Validation error text”, The validation error text is the error that will be provided if the data was not valid.

Music Spectrum Text Logo

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Logos and Icons

Music Spectrum Text Logo; is a sound music player button with cool 360 circle flame spectrum effect + unique text logo font (MusicFont) auto center , or use any font you like in any size and the font will carry all varied effect. All this can be power via 40 xml parameters that control all effects from spectrum flame ,color ,sound, unlimited songs or play 1 loop atc`. My MusicFont.ttf font as show in the preview is include also in the download file, as I made them for this file, my Font support only English charter and carry special music icon symbol`s, dont like my font? no problem since you can use any font you want and all the effects you see will apply to any font, just load your font in the external SWF font and you are set to go.

PHP Form Validation Pack

Free: No

The VDaemon Extension allows quick, easy and effective insertion of form user input validation code into php pages within Adobe Dreamweaver. No PHP coding knowledge is required to create typical form validation! At the same time the VDaemon Extension also assists skilled PHP developers in creating advanced validation solutions.

Flash Mail Form with Validation

Free: Yes
Tags: Flash › Excel Form Validation Forms

This is an action script 3.0 email form with validation functions. I hope this is useful for someone. (Please login to download)

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