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data validation across worksheets?

data validation across worksheets?

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King Martin has helped me with validating using an index column which is the basis for a drop down validated list.
Is there any way of having a validated list based on a column in a different worksheet, when I tried to reference it there was an error saying it was not possible but thought you experts may know a way round?

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Following procedure to link Data Validation list to another workbook - dialog box message appears "You may not use references to other worksheets or workbooks for data validation criteria". I am using Excel 2003. Any

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I would like to post a question to the forum but do not know how to?
I am trying to control a Worksheet name as I have a front sheet which I would like the user to select from a validation list and have some code transport them to a worksheet. Hence the need to control the name of each worksheet so that they can only be one of the list in the validation list?

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I'm trying to create a drop-down box containing a list which is stored in a different workbook. I've tried following the instructions in the help files which seem to suggest this is possible but I get the error message "You may not use references to other worksheets or workbooks for Data Validation criteria"
Am I trying to do the impossible?!
I've been able to do it using a forms control but I haven't used these much before so I'd prefer to use data validation if I can.

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I've been playing around the list command in validation and I was wondering if there was a way to use ranges from 2 different worksheets to be the source to select from. I've tried using the name box command to name the cells and create a union, and that wont work, and something like the 3-D command wont work because I've already programmed a few macro's that are referencing those

if condition with data validation list

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I would like a list for data validation, but the list could be from different tabs.
with validation criteria, allow custom:
=INDIRECT("'"&VLOOKUP(H5,Suppliers!A:B,2,FALSE)&"' !$a:$A")
all data will be in column A, but different tabs. when I use the above formula, I get an error message indicating that I cannot use references to other worksheets or workbooks for Data Validation criteria. But if I use the formula "=items" it references the list from a different worksheet.
any suggestions to get past this?

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This class is very easy to use. Because all the methods are static they are faster and callable without instantiating the class. This will say that you only need to include the PHP file in your code and do the validations like below. The method returns a boolean (true when its valid, false when invalid).

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