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Data extract from multiple sheets to one

Data extract from multiple sheets to one

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As always, I apologies if I'm duplicating a thread. I have searched the forum and see similar 'ish threads, but not quite what I'm after and remain unsolved....
My workbook has sheets for each month of the year. The columns are the same on each, just varying amount of rows to a maximum of 50.
Is there a way I can use a macro? Which will copy data from each sheet and place it into a 'master sheet'?

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Extracting Data from Multiple Sheets in to one

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We get sent packing lists in excel and they have a customer and the items for them in each tab in the spreadsheet. We currently have to print off all these sheets to check we have received the correct items, which results in hundreds of sheets of paper being printed every delivery. I would like to be able to extract certain information from all these sheets in order to save a lot of time and paper. I have attached an example packing list how we receive it and also an example template of what I would like to extract and the format. The 1st 3 tabs on the packing list shows the 3 formats they are received in. With this, I mean the multiple carton numbers and the multiple styles packed in 1 carton.

Function to extract certain cells from multiple sheets

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I have 4 spreadsheets.
I need to extract the values in cells
In each of these spreadsheets and post them in a column in a new spreadsheet.
I was hoping possibly someone could help with this without having to use a macro and I thought the index function might make this possible?

extract values from multiple worksheets

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I'm not even sure this is possible but here goes.
I have several hundred separate worksheets formatted exactly the same. I want to extract the values from specific cells in every worksheet and build a single worksheet with the values extracted.
The attached example includes 2 sample source sheets and a sample result sheet.

extract data from one cell in multiple worksheets

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and I am looking for the best way to extract data from multiple worksheets. I have somewhere near 200 worksheets in a workbook. What I would like to do is to extract the number in say "B2" from each worksheet in the workbook and display each of those values in a column of values on a new sheet. Like I said I am very new to excel and I appreciate any help in advance.

Extract data from cryptically formatted Excel sheets

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How can I transform data in excel in this form (see image here: into something suitable for using in a pivot chart. I need three columns eventually, Date, Country and Score. The amount of data points for each country is not constant.
Confusing data courtesy of the European Commission.

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