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Creating an"Average" Line in a Scatter Graph

Creating an"Average" Line in a Scatter Graph

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I have created a scatter diagram from two columns of data. How do I superimpose or generate a glide slope line that represents the average scatter density?

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Changing Colors of the Line Segments within a Scatter Graph Line

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How do you change the color of the line segment within data points of a scatter graph line based on "If" statements?

Trend line on graph name

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Is it possible to rename in the legend the trend line on a graph.
Currently, the legend for the graph says "3 per Mov. Avg. (2010 Unit Sales)"
I would like it to say "3 Month Moving Average"
I do not see an option to rename a trend line in a graph.
I can of course do the 3 month moving average calculations and add a "Series name", but was hoping to be able to switch between 3, 4, 5 moving average or even polynomial trends at the click of a button. (Yes, I can build that function into a new series, but seems like a lot of work.).

Markers of graph (conditional charting)

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I have a question on conditional charting.
I am using scatter xy graph straight line with marker.
Let me ask in this way: Now I have a few data. After plotting using scatter xy graph, I find the average, and I will be draw a horizontal straight line on the plot area.
So is there anyway to customize my scatter xy graph so that it shows a different marker whenever the value is more than (average*2)?
And is there a way to customize the marker so it also will show another different marker when there are 6 or more points in the graph is increasing/decreasing?
p.s. my data is dynamic, and the graph fluctuate a lot.

average Line created in an existing line graph- based on one cell

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I am trying to create an average line across a current line graph. I would like it to be based only one cell so that I don't have to update the x axis every time more information is input into the spreadsheet.
Is there a way to just have a line that only has the Y axis change based on one cell, and the X axis is not defined? I would like to have the line extend to the end of the chart no matter what the x axis looks like.
right now I am suing =SERIES("Average",,DATA!$M$4:$M$2401,2)
-I have to increase the 2401 number every time more data is added even though the average is calculated in column M and just repeated over and over.
I have found if I don't increase that number the line stops too short on my graph and is shorter than the line graph I am trying to compare it with.

Scatter and line charts

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I created the scatter chart and I would like to have another line, showing the average, will go horizontal across the scatter chart.
Ex: 4,5,6,7,10 are data to create a scatter chart.
The average of 4,5,6,7,10 is 6.4 May I use 6.4 to create a shot line (or a something )which will go horizontal across the scatter chart.

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Advanced PHP Template Preprocessor

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In it's most basic form, PHP Template Preprocessor can replace tags with values set in PHP , but it also has an advanced sort of "syntax" that you can use.
Optionals/Defaults: You can specify the defaults for a variable, which are used when the value isn't specified by the PHP script.
Conditionals: These are basically "if" statements.
Iteration: You can parse an Array to the template, and make it iterate through it.
Arrays: You can use arrays, infinitely, like so: "{something[something]}"
PHP Variables: If you enable this, you can access global PHP variables by using "{$something}".
Speed: This script is optimized for performance. An average template shouldn't take more than 0.001 seconds to process. That's one millisecond! That time generally increases (slightly) as more tags and layers are added, but you will probably never see it go over 0.005 seconds (5 milliseconds).

htmlPX: Build websites from template files

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The HTML Programmer's Extension, htmlPX, is a simple command-line program that can be used to build websites from template files. The template files and other, auxilliary files, are combined by htmlPX to produce HTML files that can be uploaded to a website.
htmlPX is designed to allow someone who is well-versed with HTML to quickly build template files and code library files with a simple text editor. A wide variety of HTML editors can also be used to create these files. These files are then combined based on a site file, which is a set of directives to htmlPX, to create an entire website. This process is referred to as compiling or generating. The advantages of using htmlPX over straight, hand-coded HTML files are:
-Easier to use than many other "database-driven" approaches
-Allows use of your choice of HTML tools
-Provides a means of building multi-pages sites with a great deal of consistency
-Allows rapid changes to the "look" of the site upon recompilation
-Provides a means of reusing HTML code by a means other than cut-and-pasting
-Provides an easy means of creating "mirror" sites with very slight modifications
-Produces HTML code that can work with all browsers, unlike code that uses style sheets

Last.FM API: Scatter polaroid style images

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Scatter polaroid-style images of all artists in a users library, with playcounts and tagcounts, across your desktop. These images are obtained by implementing Web Services, specifically library.getArtists. Feel free however, to use any one of the other API Methods available and expand upon this.

Attention Grabbing Banner

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AttentionGrabbingBanner 1.0 is a quick way to generate an effective, eye-catching banner ad for display on websites. This file is very easy to use, but highly customizable via an included XML file. You don't even need to edit the .fla file! I've included several .swf presets for different common web banner sizes.
You can change the word or words for each "Phrase" in your web banner's text message, you may also choose whether each "Phrase" displays single-line (with slightly bigger text) or multi-line (with slightly smaller text). Of course, you can easily modify the background color and the text color, add some eye-catching flashes, and you can choose from two display types: fast or slow.
The banner is organized into a single movie clip in case you need to drag and drop it into your own project, but
it's designed to be used on its own. You may modify the font or customize the banner size, but these changes require some .fla file editing.

Neat visual effect based on "dots"

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Dots 1.0 is a neat visual effect based on "dots" that react to mouse movement by avoiding the mouse cursor. "Dots" can really be any movie clip you'd like to use. You can have as many or as few "dots" in your flash project as you like, and they can be dropped anywhere on the screen (they're arranged in a circle for the example file).
Editing Dots 1.0 is simple. All the important code is contained within the library item "Dot". "Dot" has a "Graphics" layer that can be edited freely to customize the look of your "Dots". "Dot" also contains an actions layer which contains all the code.
There are two "Dot" variations in this example ("Dot" and "Dot2" in the .fla's library). One uses a special effect (see OPTIONAL EFFECTS section inside the actionscript code), the other is simply a tiny white diamond with no effects.
Watch out if you use a whole bunch of dots with lots of alpha or other effects, as this can quickly eat CPU usage and slow down your movie.

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