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Creating a DASHBOARD in Excel

Creating a DASHBOARD in Excel

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Does anyone know how to create a dashboard in Excel?
I have seen the likes of Crystal Celsius but didn't particularly want to pay for it. company won't invest in software away from the Norm !
Anyone offer any help or have a document with dashboard guages/traffic lights etc in ?

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Excel 2003: Creating a dashboard and smaller charts get squished

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I'm creating a dashboard with some large and small line charts using the "Camera" functionality.
The display looks great, but when I click Print Preview or Print, the chart area on the smaller charts gets squished and unreadable. I have to exit without saving in order for the charts areas to be viewable.

Log who has been using my excel dashboard

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I create and maintain a weekly dashboard for use by our operation. I am keen to understand how many times (and by whom) the dashboard is being opened.
Is it possible to log this somehow in the document? I have found some code previously the did this however it required the user to save the document to create the log.
However the dashboard is set in such a way that the users can not save any changes (unless the save a new version of the dashboard to their personal storage or know the document password) to stop them messing with the data
Any way around this?

Dashboard creation needed

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when it comes to excel as I have no concept of databasing or macros, hence some previous posts within this forum.
I have been given a project to create a sales dashboard in excel, god knows why, but have no idea where to start.
Is there anybody out there willing to help in the creation of this dashboard and to show me how thing work within it.
I can supply some data and a design id like it look like.

Dashboard question

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How to make a button on a dashboard bring up a report that was built in the reports area.

KPI dashboard

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I need to create a market intelligence report that we can incorporate a dashboard showing how lead times, pricing and supply has changed. We envisaged a semi circle dashboard coloured red, orange and green that we can move the dial towards indicating where we stand on each element. Is there something easy within excel that I can use

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Flex 3 XML Charting Dashboard

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This is a Flex 3 XML Charting Dashboard Made With The PivotComponent.swc The Swc source is included in .bin files. This can be configured to Read Any XML data You Need. Fairly Lightweight Application at only 1,421 Kb. Dependancies are Flex Builder 3.0 with Charting. and Thats about it! A Simple Setup Instruction Guide in included with This Application, If You have any setup issues,or any questions,feel free to contact Me. I am available for Freelance on this application for 20.00 Per Hour,and Can Help You integrate this application,or customize it as You wish.

File Manager Dashboard and Online Mortgage Application software

Click1003 is pleased to announce the introduction of the Click1003 Pro File Manager Dashboard. This is a brand new web-based loan origination interface that is making a huge impact on the way loans are being originated in the field.
Coupled with the highly acclaimed Click1003 Interactive Online Mortgage Application software for your web site (included), and an unbelievably affordable price tag ($49.95/mo Broker/Banker version, and $19.95/mo Loan Consultant version), the Click1003 Pro Package is one of the most sought-after loan origination tools on the market today

data visualization components to software developers

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You want it? Weve got it with over 40 distinct visualizations, from charts, gauges and maps to scorecards, sparklines and state indicators. Our customizable, attractive visualizations are what truly set us apart.
Support for HTML5 as well as native apps for all major smartphones and tablets will keep your mobile workforce connected.
Create powerful analytical dashboards using OLAP technology. Perform insightful data analysis with a wide variety of forecasting, financial and statistical formulas.
Connect to a long list of data sources, including SQL, Oracle, Excel, Access, MS OLAP, SAP BW, Teradata, Visual FoxPro, Google Analytics, and many more.

jDashboard: Drag and Drop Widgets

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jDashboard is a jQuery Plugin that gives you an easy way to create a dynamic widget area. The widgets can easily be re-arranged and collapsed/expanded, and the layout is saved in cookies so you dont have to start over when you come back to the dashboard.
In live preview, you may need to remove the frame(top left link) for the cookies to work.
Layout Saved in Cookies
Re-Arrange Widgets via Drag & Drop
Collapse/Expand Widgets
The dashboard can have as many columns as you want
The look can easily be styled with CSS

HostScreen - Advanced Linux Server Monitoring

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HostScreen is an Advanced Server Monitoring script that you can install on your own linux server. It will alert you in situations where you are likely required to take action: High Loads, Almost full disks, Suspicious Processes, Unavailable Services, Slow database queries, degraded RAID arrays and more.
Easy installation on your own server
E-mail alerts
Web accessible dashboard
Multi-server overview

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