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create a RTF file

create a RTF file

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here is what I have and what I need to do:
- I have 100 questions. Every question is in a cell (from B1 to B100). In cells A1.A100 I can say "yes" or "no" ether I want to use that question or not in a question are. I have one command button.
- to generate the question are, first I choose 10 questions (by marking the cells from column A with "yes"). Then I want to press the command button and to generate a .rtf file with those 10 questions. I want to be able to set some formatting of the text (bold, colored, size, etc).
Can you tell me how to do it? So far I was only able to create a .txt file but I can not set any properties of the text.
10x a lot
EXTRA: if I have a picture in the excel, can I "copy" it also to the .rtf file?

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In order to produce reports one of the possibility is to generate a file rtf (Rich Text Format). This format brings a great flexibility indeed and is easy to implement. The DypsRTF component allows the generation of a file format rtf with the flight.

Reading the "clean" text from RTF

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An RTF file consists of unformatted text, control words and groups. Rich Text Format (often abbreviated as RTF), to surprise of many, is quite complex text data format. During its long history RTF bought a lot of add-ons that disturb the process of getting "clean" text. Let's try to solve that...

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I am using a third party application to get a report. There are 2 download options.PDF and Fully Editable RTF. If I choose the RTF option, the report can be viewed in MS Word as Read Only,
I am looking for a VBA solution to bring this data into Excel from the open Word view.

Rich Text Files?

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Is there a way to convert an Excel sheet into an RTF file? I was hoping that'd be one of the available file types for the Save As option, but it's not.
There's an RTF clipboard data type, but nothing for Save As. That seems weird to me, a bit. It's one of those things that you don't notice until/unless you need it.

Manually create an excel readable table

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I have pdf's that I need to get into excel. I've tried 100 different ways of converting into many different formats/file types but inevitably something gets screwed up. I am able to get the PDF into a rtf & Doc format where all the data still is organized into a table "looking" format (ie all the columns are lined up). When I try and copy it into excel, some cells get merged, others separate into multiple cells and generally I am left will too many problems to fix manually. I've tried to import the data but it turns into gibberish (I think because its not ANSI).
Ideally I would like to import the data into excel (or use an outside program first) and use the fixed width function but excel can't read the files when I do this.
Hopefully I have made some sense.

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It is the most powerful program for converting HTML files among our products. The product possesses the big opportunities, you can adjust it and output Word file will look as you wish, SCC-style support. You can choose any of three modes of converting: standard, exact and selective. And also can adjust font name, color, size, language of spelling in RTF file. The program can convert images (gif, jpg, png). You may convert HTML files with tables or can transform tables to the text. The program transforms any HTML and ASP files into Word files and plain text (TXT, RTF). RTF files can be open in any text editor, for example in MS Word, WordPad or PageMaker. RTF files are very convenient for editing and their size less than DOC files.

Create RTF "on the fly" using PHP

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RTF Generator lets you create your own RTF files on web-servers, without any applications except PHP. Using special mark-up language which is based on HTML, you will be able to describe all necessary formatting for your data. You will have total control over the final look of the RTF document, as the Generator supports almost all features you can find in MS Word when creating a document.
With this tool you will be able to generate customized contracts, agreements, bills of sales using client provided information or information from database. It can save huge amount of time on document preparation. The document is totally generated within a split second using the dynamic data.
The client does not need to know that a document has been generated "on the fly". If you are preparing any type of documentation for your clients, this script can automate the production of the documents. You can generate any kinds of reports from databases, or from any other source and the generated document will be uploaded to the client just after one mouse click.

myLittleWriter ASP and ASP.Net Script

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myLittleWriter allows you to easily create RTF files on the fly. You can use myLittleWriter in your ASP.NET pages, in your classic ASP pages or in your .NET applications.
Best of all, you DON'T NEED to have MS Word installed on the server to use myLittleWriter. myLittleWriter is very efficient when you need to create reports, invoices or quotes on the fly.
myLittleWriter generates real RTF files, which means that you can open generated files with almost all word processor softwares.
With myLittleWriter, you can manage :
page formatting including page size, margins...
font formatting including font name, size, color...
multi header and footer
field insertion including page count, page number, date, file size, file name...
table insertion
image insertion JPG and PNG format are supported
HTML-formatted text insertion a lot of tags like <B>, <I>, , are supported
HTML file insertion
list insertion, both numbered and bulleted

EMS Data Export for MySQL

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EMS Data Export for MySQL is a powerful tool to export MySQL database data quickly to any of 19 available formats, including MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word (RTF), HTML, XML, PDF, TXT, CSV, DBF, ODF and others. The program supports Unicode data and has the ability to export MySQL data from several tables, views or queries at the same time. Data Export for MySQL includes a wizard, which allows you to set MySQL export options for each table visually (destination filename, exported fields, data formats, and much more) and a command line utility to export MySQL data from tables and queries in one-touch. Compatible with Win7

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Smart PDF Converter Pro will let you convert your PDFs to several formats : HTML, DOC, RTF, XLS, JPEG, TIFF and TXT. After you have converted your PDFs, you can easily edit them and convert them back to PDF with just one click.
- Convert PDF to DOC (editable Word document).
- Convert scanned PDF to DOC.
- Convert PDF to HTML, TXT, XLS, JPEG, RTF, TIFF, PPT and other file formats.
- Retain formatting, layout and graphics.
- Fast and easy to use.
- Only in Pro version: convert your documents back to PDF.
- Only in Pro version: Split & Merge, Insert & Extract, Encrypt & Password protect. Insert stamps, bookmarks and watermarks. Digitally sign.
- Smart PDF Converter is the program you need to convert your files from PDF to DOC or another file format.
- The program works on all Windows systems.

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