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Counting "X"s in a column

Counting "X"s in a column

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Can anyone tell me how to count the numbers of "X" in a column.

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Counting Formula Question

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Looking to count total number of "Yes" and "no" in specific columns in a row. Having trouble with countifs formula only counting first column.
Range is cells d2:j2
This is what we tried to use:

Counting unique values

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am looking for a formula that will look at the values in column "C" and return a sequential count of column "C" in column "D". The attached file should make my desired result much clearer.

Matching and counting

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

1. I need to compare column A to column C. If a match is found then in column d, I would like to copy whatever is in column B, if no match is found then it says "no match"
2. then in column E, I would like it to count how many cells have "no match" and for it to count how many have the words "category"
I would prefer to use a formula but if I have to use a vb script or macro that should work too.

Counting values in cells containing formulas

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

All the cells in column X of a spreadsheet I have contain the formula:
=IF(E5="Extinct in the Wild (EW)","Yes","")
I'd like to show the total number of cells in the column (e.g. X2:X50) that are actually displaying "Yes". If I enter:
=COUNTIF(X4:X99, "Yes")
I get a null value, since no cells actually contain "Yes", they contain the =IF. formula. Is there a way I can count which cells in column X equate to "Yes"?

Counting Formula

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have two columns that I need to count up the values of. One column is a "Status" column that either have the values or "Live" or "Expired". The second column, which is a "Type" column, have the values of "Production", "Resources", or "Communication". I'm trying to figure out how to count up all "Expired" values that is located under "Production"; All "Expired" values for "Resources" and so forth.

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Countdown to Day Script

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Tags: JavaScript › Excel Countdowns

There are basically two types of JavaScript countdown scripts, depending on what you're trying to do. The first type counts down using the time of the visitor's computer, which obviously varies depending on the visitor, and is great for counting down to "relative" events such as Christmas, your friend's birthday etc. The second type counts down using a specific local time (ie: Time in New York), and is great for counting down to "absolute" events where the target date/time is tied to a certain time zone, such as the launch date of a web site, the date/time of the next Solar Eclipse etc.
Dynamic Countdown script belongs to the first type of count down script that lets you count down to relative events of a future date/time. This future date, while the same for everyone, occurs differently depending on the time zone they're in (ie: Christmas, your mom's birthday, April 1st 2015 etc). This script is extremely flexible- you can customize exactly how to display the output, or even specify a custom action to perform at the end of the countdown (ie: go to another page), by passing in your own custom format function.

Digital Numeric Counter

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Tags: Flash › Excel Date and Time

Usage: Click the Start button to start the counting down (one step each second) Click the Pause button to pause the counting down. Click the Pause button again to resume the counting down.
Type in the number in the starting number input box for the number to start.
Type in the number in the ending number input box for the number to end.

Neat visual effect based on "dots"

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Effects

Dots 1.0 is a neat visual effect based on "dots" that react to mouse movement by avoiding the mouse cursor. "Dots" can really be any movie clip you'd like to use. You can have as many or as few "dots" in your flash project as you like, and they can be dropped anywhere on the screen (they're arranged in a circle for the example file).
Editing Dots 1.0 is simple. All the important code is contained within the library item "Dot". "Dot" has a "Graphics" layer that can be edited freely to customize the look of your "Dots". "Dot" also contains an actions layer which contains all the code.
There are two "Dot" variations in this example ("Dot" and "Dot2" in the .fla's library). One uses a special effect (see OPTIONAL EFFECTS section inside the actionscript code), the other is simply a tiny white diamond with no effects.
Watch out if you use a whole bunch of dots with lots of alpha or other effects, as this can quickly eat CPU usage and slow down your movie.

Christmas eCard

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To change the main copy: double click the movieclip on the "header" layer. First layer of this mc is the "seasons greetings". Second is the "your text here".

Multi Download Counter

Free: Yes
Tags: PHP › Excel Counters

Multi download counter is PHP script for counting different downloaded items. This new version is faster, more secure for errors and can show total number of downloads.
- counting/downloading unlimited number of items
- simple installation
- CSS compatible with all browsers
- show total number of downloads
- display counted number for each item separately
- uses Flat File (txt file) and does not need MySQL or any other DB

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