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Countifs for multiple conditions

Countifs for multiple conditions

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I have attached an excel sheet with two questions to set up a countifs formula for multiple conditions. I have tried to explain it fully in the attachment if anyone would be kind enough to look at it.

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Using COUNTIFS with multiple columns

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am trying to count a number of items where certain conditions apply. The first 4 conditions are single columns looking for a specific value. The last condition is searching 12 columns to find values less than a certain amount.
Individually, these 2 formulas work:
=COUNTIFS(WaterNoDup!$D$5:$D$1500,$AC$7,WaterNoDup!$E$5:$E$1500,$AC$8,WaterNoDup!$F$5:$F$1500,$AC $9,WaterNoDup!$K$5:$K$1500,$AC$10)
Together like below, they return a #VALUE answer.
=COUNTIFS(WaterNoDup!$D$5:$D$1500,$AC$7,WaterNoDup!$E$5:$E$1500,$AC$8,WaterNoDup!$F$5:$F$1500,$AC $9,WaterNoDup!$K$5:$K$1500,$AC$10,WaterNoDup!$R$5:$AC$1500,C9)

Multiple CountIfs

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Trying to count # of times these two conditions are met using formula below as an array. Answer always 0?

Multiple If countifs

Free: Yes
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I'd like to use multiple if countifs, I tried a couple of formulas and even though the formulas work I keep getting the wrong results.
I've tried the following:
What's the problem with the above?

How can I count multiple conditions where the data is not in order?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Anyone can help me to solve this?
I have data as following:
Column A Cal B Cal C Cal D
A 1 2 1
B 2 2 1
A 3 2 1
C 3 1 3
B 2 3 2
A 1 2 3
I want to count how many times that A answered 1.
I tried to use countifs formula, but it does not work unless I make a plus on formulas.
I also trying to avoid using SORT.
There is also attached file.

SQL - Multiple Conditions; using the AND and OR conditions

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SQL allows us to combine two or more simple conditions by using the AND and OR or NOT operators. Any number of simple conditions can be present in a single SQL statement, to allow us to create complex WHERE clauses that allow us to control which rows are included in our query results.

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