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COUNTIF using conditions

COUNTIF using conditions

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I have a spreadsheet with multiple column.
For example :
Sachs Id
Delivered 12
Not delivered 13
Delivered --
Delivered 14
I would to count the number of non-blank cells in the column "Id" depending on the Status. The goal is to get the number of non-blank cells for Delivered status and get the number of non-blank cells for Not Delivered status,
In general view I have to count the number of non-blank cells in column Id depending on the value of the column "status"

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Fairly new to excel and need some help with creating a countif statement to meet 2 conditions. did some research and looks like a countif can only meet 1 criteria and I may have to use dcount or a sum array?! Because I don't even know where to start, I look to the experts for some guidance.
I need the formula to count the amount of rows that meet the condition where cells B and C both contain '1' (this is the easiest way I could explain it). A spread sheet is attached. Any help would be of great service.

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I have the following formula in use for my spreadsheet:
My issue is that I need to add a second condition. I want it to also look for "OPEN_PRE", and perform the action if either condition is met. How do I do this with a Countif, or is there a better way?

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I want to use Countif with 2 conditions. For example, 1. It searches for the Emp Name, I need - Emp Name column A 2. It checks whether the Emp is Absent / present - Emp Attendance column B then counts the no. of appearances of this Emp name in Column A
The absentee can be manually deleted & then countif is to be applied but I
want a function to do this without deleting

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I am just trying to do a countif based on two criteria, both words.
So Column A has "H" and Column C has "Open"
As below - how can I doubt based on these two columns

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