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Countif Multiple Criteria and Multiple Sheets

Countif Multiple Criteria and Multiple Sheets

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I currently have this formula:
=SUMPRODUCT(COUNTIF(A4, INDIRECT("'"&"Sheet5"&"'!A2:A35")) + SUMPRODUCT(COUNTIF(INDIRECT("'"&"Sheet5"&"'!B2:B35"), "Active"))
I am trying to have a count of all the statements that contains the value in A4 which is "EBAY" and have a status of "Active" from a list of 100 statements. Currently this counts all the statements of Ebay and then adds on top all the Active a total of 170. I in fact want the value 8 which is the open ebay statements.
So I need this to only count if both criteria are met. This is across multiple sheets hence the sumproduct.

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Sheet Jan2005:
Sheet Feb006:
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