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Countif in subtotal

Countif in subtotal

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Can someone teach me on how I can use countif formula into subtotal?
I have a column of time of the day in "h:mm" format and first I countif all less than 1900 and greater than 1900 to separate. But I need to filter it accdb to category.
I have use this formula to count
how can I apply it to subtotal?

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=Subtotal(countif,Range); Subtotal and countif in 1 formula [SOLVED]

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Goal: To get the total count per month of positions that have "0's" by department.
I have found that the subtotal function will be able to do the trick for me but it doesn't have the countif function with it (only has count and counta, I want countif)
I've searched boards and found this formula which from how I understood is the subset of the subtotal formula.
=SUMPRODUCT(SUBTOTAL(3, OFFSET(Range,ROW(Range)-MIN(ROW(Range)),0,1)),--(Range=Criteria))
The problem though, I don't know how to apply this.
I've attached the spreadsheet. Please refer to the orange highlight.

SUBTOTAL and COUNTIF (or SUMIF) combination

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I would like to use the COUNTIF (or SUMIF) only for filtered rows. Thus somewhere a SUBTOTAL kind of functionality but for COUNTIF.
Is it possible to simulate (maybe with array formulas)?

Subtotal & Countif with range of values

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I am trying to sort test scores by using different performance bands( see below) and get a total number of students that fall within each band. works great using the COUNTIF, but now I would like to only pick up the data that has been filtered/displayed.
0%-20% = far below basic
20.01 - 40% = below basic
Current code for COUNTIF:

countif & subtotal functions

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I need the ability of both of these functions but combined. I would like to be able to count if All or Tops appears in my filtered list without having to filter on the column that contains these values.

How to make "countif" on a filtered excel-list? i.e. like subtotal

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I have a filtered list of data where one column contains either of two text values say "A" or "B".
When using filters on other columns I would like to att a counter above the list that always show the number of "A" and "B" rows in the filtered data.
I do not want to add additional columns.
I cannot use Countif() since that doesn't bother about the filters. If I use subtotal(3;.) it cares about the filters, but then I can only get the sum of rows containing "A"'s and "B"'s.
Is this at all possible to achieve without macros or custom functions?

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