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countif based on multiple criteria

countif based on multiple criteria

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I need a formula that returns a count of how many cells are blank IF a certain date has passed and another cell is not blank.
so IF column L is not blank AND column O is blank AND the date in column P is in the past then return 1. I've tried variations on COUNTIF but can't get it right!

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Countif accross Multiple Ranges & 1 Criteria

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I need a formula in cell B3 in the attached file that will
count occurrences in Range F3:T3
Based on criteria "Apple" in Range F2:T2

Countif with multiple criteria

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I am trying to get get a count of various different statuses based on two different criteria. The formula is I'm using right now is:
{=SUM((Data!$B:$B="amscan bypass west-new")*(Data!$F:$F="delivered"))}
I have tried over 10 different combinations of sum products, arrays, countifs, ect and I just can't get this to work. I have attached the workbook for reference. This really can't be nearly as hard as it seems.
The formula on the attached sheet should be returning 43.

COUNTIF with multiple criteria

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I don't think this can be done with COUNTIF, but I need to count using two criteria:
The two criteria a
1) A8:A100 > 1/1/08
2) G8:G100 <> ""

Countif based on multiple criteria

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I've been trying to use the countifs formula to count the number of times, for each agent, a particular customer calls back if they call back in less than 7 days. In my data I have the time called, the client phone number, which agent answered the call and the queue that call came in through (which I guess is not relevant to my problem).
In the example provided, for agent 1, that phone number called back 6 times in the 7 day window. For agent 10, called back 2 times after speaking to agent 10.

Formula COUNTIF Multiple Ranges with One Criteria

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I'm trying to create a COUNTIF function for multiple columns and one criteria.
For example, the range is column X, AD, AJ, AP, and AV with the criteria if the cell says "Pending." I'm trying to create a summary to count how many cells in each of those columns says pending. Also, the summary is on a different worksheet tab than the data. I've tried a few different formulas, but none of them seem to work.

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