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COUNTIF Alternative for multiple criteria?

COUNTIF Alternative for multiple criteria?

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I am currently in the process of creating a lateness report
Example of the data sheet.
Col B = Lateness code ie "Lunch"
Col F = Duration of the lateness ("HH:MM:SS")
Col H = Area where they work
Basically what im after is to work out if the occurrence is over 3 minutes to calculate how many (Coll um B) but only if the code is "Lunch" & area "Retail".
From my understanding I can't work this out with a single countif because it has more than one criteria?

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COUNTIF on multiple criteria

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I have been searching posts all morning to find an answer to my problem, but no luck so far.
I have 2 worksheets, on 1 is a dump of data (Sheet 2) and on the other (Sheet 1) is a list of names (100's). Because I know that within the name column in the dump of data there could be various spellings of the same name i.e. Christopher Smith and Chris Smith, I have 2 columns (A and B) in Sheet 2 with the alternative spelling of the name.
I want to count, on Sheet 1 how many times either name in column A or B , appears on the name column in Sheet 2. I want to be able to copy the formula down so that it updates for each row in Sheet 1, to take account for the new name in each row.

COUNTIF with multiple criteria

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I don't think this can be done with COUNTIF, but I need to count using two criteria:
The two criteria a
1) A8:A100 > 1/1/08
2) G8:G100 <> ""

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In order to get a unique count, I use the formula below sometimes:
Using this I get counts based on the occurrence in the data as of a certain row rather than a total i.e. 1,2,3,4 for four similar values rather than 4,4,4,4. However, this is an incredible expensive formula, particularly in 2010. To drag down and paste values requires time that I just don't want to wait.
Can someone suggest an alternative formula that accomplishes the same task?

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I'm trying to create a COUNTIF function for multiple columns and one criteria.
For example, the range is column X, AD, AJ, AP, and AV with the criteria if the cell says "Pending." I'm trying to create a summary to count how many cells in each of those columns says pending. Also, the summary is on a different worksheet tab than the data. I've tried a few different formulas, but none of them seem to work.

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Can you use Countif for more than one Criteria? For example, I want to count all the "complaint" in column E with a charge number of "100568625" in

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