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Count rows where a specific value appears in any of 4 columns

Count rows where a specific value appears in any of 4 columns

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This is an example of the spreadsheet I'm working with:
What I would like to do is count the number of rows where the value 1 occurs in the four columns, wherever that might be.
The answer for the data above, for example, would be 5 (five rows contain the value 1 somewhere in the four columns).
There are 5,807 rows of data in the worksheet and I'm using Excel 2003.

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I have a table with a variety of columns in, which is for time and attendance. There is a column called name and then 10 columns with a variety of characters in. I want to count by name how many times the letter H appears. Their name will appear more than once in the rows section though.

count how many rows a word appears in

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I have an excel spreadsheet, say 200 rows by one column. I am looking to count how many cells the word "over achievement" appears in.
some cells say "over achievement Q1"
some cells say "over achievement bonus"
some cells say "overachieve growth"
Say the word over achievement appears in 50 rows in combination with other words. I want a count of how many times the word appears in a range of cells even though the cells are different.
Is there a way to count that?

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I am trying to count the number of times a specific character appears in a cell (or range of cells). Anyone know how to do this?
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formula counting the number of times "/" appears (returning the value

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I've attached a spreadsheet

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Without using two pivot tables, how do I look at two columns and obtain a count by month/year for a specific product?
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- Perform SELECT queries and retrieve a single value, a single row into an array and all rows into a multidimensional array.
- Insert or update rows from a list of fields and values
- Delete table rows that satisfy a condition
- Count records in a given table
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One of my all time favourite galleries, dont miss this one! Place any kind of picture format (vertical / horizontal) and any kind of image size inside and images automatically scale to any monitor size.
Menu supports unlimited number of categories. If there is only a single category, menu will automatically be hidden. Define your own thumbnail layout and size. Mouse wheel support for scrolling thumbnails.
This is a very versatile yet easy to use and configurable AS3 image gallery with cool thumbnail navigation and image transition.
You can have as many images and thumbnails as you want. You can have images with different size and they will automatically resize and align themselves into the center of the browser to fit any resolution.
You can set the number of visible columns and rows to be displayed on the screen and thumbnail size over xml to fit any needs.
You just need to set thumb size over xml and thumbs will be automatically positioned in the columns and rows and aligned in the center of the screen.
The description text which appears on the top of each image is HTML formatted. Smaller images will stay untouched, and bigger images will get scalled down proportionally to fit into visible screen and all images will be centered into browser.
You can navigate the thumbs with buttons and with the mouse wheel. Thumbs are desaturated by default and they become saturated when you roll over them with your mouse. Little popup in front of the thumbs showing image names. Menu hides itself automatically on the left. Add multiple categories to the menu and it will automatically adjust its size to acommodate for all items.

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